Scott's Introduction

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Scott's Introduction

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This is my reintroduction since I joined the forum in the fall of 2009 and only made a few posts. This is because I was insecure about it at the time and didn’t really know what to say or even what questions to ask, and didn’t really want to bother anyone. I also wanted to step back from everything desteni-related to see where it fits with other things that seemed to be competing for my attention at the time, like endless conspiracies and such. But after a few months of reading and listening with an open mind to everything on the site, it left an impression that’s hard to ignore because all the information fits together so well and seems to resonate on a common sense level.

So I “relapsed” back into the habit of listening to interviews with everyone a couple months ago, especially the anti-hate dialogue, and it’s clarified a lot for me. After much hesitation I decided to rejoin this forum mainly because I feel like I have been having a difficult time with “writer’s block” and getting over my own personal bullshit, and decided that this would be an incentive, rather than an awkward experiment like it was to me when I first registered. So I feel like I’m getting “nowhere” on my own, but otherwise I’m still here.

Perhaps my greatest obstacle within is isolation, and of course it contains many other points, most notably depression and self-image, and it has been a lifelong drug, so to speak. I’ve seen it as having been one of the primary defining things of my personality design, so embedded in/as my mind and I feel like if I cannot get over it sometime in this life, then I am fucked. It’s due to the preference I have always had for being alone and avoiding people, like a form of chronic introversion. In other words, I like to be alone most all the time but I know it’s not healthy, so I guess it’s just a very tricky habit to kick. I will be happy to share what I’ve written about it and any feedback is most welcome.

I don’t see myself as a victim of anything other than myself, and aside from having no hair I probably share in common with everyone on the forum the fact that I see these points for what they are, as interesting little things that stand in the way of ourselves.

Aside from all this, I stand for equality in this world because I don’t believe that anything worthwhile will come from everyone blaming someone else. I currently reside in a microcosm where it seems like people stand for nothing other than useless information, fantasies, entertainment and ego shit, merely because it’s popular and it’s the way it’s always been. I’m happy to leave behind old ideas that do not serve any practical purpose. I think that when I die I am not going to take my ego or personality with me anywhere, because it is part of a failing system, and I certainly wouldn’t even want to. But since we are all here, we might as well forgive ourselves and support each other for equality, and solutions.

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Anna »

Yeay Scott!

Glad that you are Here.

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Adele »

Hi Scott
I enjoyed your blog :)

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by barbara »

Welcome Scott! I enjoyed your intro!

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Cathy »

Cool you're here Scott - Welcome

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Re: Scott's Introduction

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I am glad you are watching and reading desteni again, because I can say one thing, ones we see the simplicity and common sense, we can not un-see it because it is real, this is the one point that is different from all other shit,

desteni simply shows and reveals what is already here, other things such as religions and conspiracies are stuff that we have to, ourselves keep alive the whole time through energy and participation and burning ourselves out, because we are the fuel making it real when it isn't. that is the difference.

Thanks for the cool introduction.

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Maya »

Cool Scott, glad the AntiHate videos motivated you to re-join the forum!
Enjoy your process!

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Lindsay »

Awesome Scott - well:come back here!

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Matti Freeman »

Hi Scott,

Awesome. One of the primary points of self-design that I've faced in my process is the design of self isolation / depression - which for me was something that I tended to suppress with smoking - creating smoking energetically as a replacement for self expression / self movement with and around people, and when I stopped smoking I had to face this design and stand up from it, forgive myself and embrace the unknown of learning how to really move in self expression for the first time.



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