Scott's Introduction

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by KellyPosey »

Cool Scott! Cool you're here!

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Ann »

Welcome back Scott!

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by Marlen »

But since we are all here, we might as well forgive ourselves and support each other for equality, and solutions.
Yes, this is IT indeed - within realizing this as yourself we can see there is no actual choice but being HERE and as we are HERE we simply then become the expression of what is HERE as Self as LIFE - this thus brakes the entire mind-reality paradigm as we know it and establish a way of living that's best for all - Life's Will = Self Will and we make sure we live as it.

Thanks for sharing your intro and cool you've decided to come here to stand up.

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Re: Scott's Introduction

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Hello Scott, Thanks for Sharing, I can relate points that you share here.

Welcome Back and Enjoy !! See you around

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Re: Scott's Introduction

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Hey Scott ! Welcome back.

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Re: Scott's Introduction

Post by MartijndeGraaf »

hi Scott, welcome

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Re: Scott's Introduction

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Hi Scott. Read your introduction. See that you're a 'Loner'. No problem. Me too. Don't prefer being in the company of 'humans' because they don't know what they are and they don't care about the conditions Here and they don't ask the right questions and they really Enjoy bothering others. However Scott, I can handle it fine. I do it everyday here in New York City as a receptionist and as part of the human-family. So, delete that 'program' that makes you 'feel' any way whatsoever about your 'programming'. heehee. Peace.

Equal Money for All
Equal Housing for All
Equal Everything for Everyone
Equality Equality Equality!!!

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