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Bastian: Introduction

Postby Bastian Neumann » 15 Jun 2011, 00:39

How I got to Desteni and why I stand for an Equal Money System and World Equality

I remember having an upload of my first video on YT, where I scanned a painting I did of an alien
reptile like figure on a black background. I had nothing but a scroll text and this picture in it. The
text was a writing of mine about my 'feelings' and 'thoughts' towards life and still it inherited a call
for a solution, a search for an answer to why I exist, why life exist at all. Since I was coming from
starting points of some spiritual and philosophical schools, I tried to reach out, maybe that someone
could see my dilemma, read 'between the lines' and figure out where I went wrong. Because all
these spiritual scriptures, lectures and saatsangs made me feel uncomfortable, not because of the
tools, the meditations, the moments of silence where one tries to face himself. Actually I found
some of them really useful, especially the breathing techniques. But what I missed was the
perspective. No solution, just treatment of symptoms. And after all only your own symptoms. I
refused to believe that 'when I do Zazen, the whole world' was doing Zazen like it is written. I
mean, people were being slaughtered and raped, dying from hunger and disease while I was sitting
more or less comfortably in Zazen position.

So I thought maybe out there ther is someone, something going to hear my call. In the meantime I
still had other things to distract myself, I still used alcohol and cigarettes, in order to ease my livingpain.
So when I had the upload done and started another one, I accidentally found some portal videos by
Sunette and I started watching some becoming more and more fascinated, because this seeemed to
be totally different from anything I had seen so far, but nevertheless what she said was somehow
familiar. Then I came to a vlog about drugs, especially weed I guess and the suggestion not to use it.
I immediately reacted, because I had a past of extensive weed smoking and I thought it to be
spiritual enhancing, not so much at that time I saw the videos anymore, but in earlier times I was
quite convinced about that myth. So I made a comment, obviously trying to defend my opinion.
First I was surprised that I got an answer at all, and when I read it, I felt totally caught. I am sorry
that I can't remember the exact phrase, but it was somehow like: „ah, someone who likes the
pleasures of the flesh... etc.“
Yep, that was it, and luckily I had enough self honesty to face this fact. But what surprised me the
most was, that 'they' (I don't know who made the comments these days, it was from
'DesteniProductions' channel) took the time to examine my channel and watch my video. And they
did not act like almost all people especially on YT would have done. They didn't thumb down my
video or post abusive comments or something. No, they watched it and understood what I was
talking about, and they gave me a hint to use the forum and read the material. I was absolutely
stunned, I know this may sound strange, but in that moment, in these days it was like an
enlightening moment to have such an unexpected reaction. That lead to many 'implosions' of my
mind, and as I didn't want to betray myself deliberately, I was forced to face some points of my own
behaviour in self honesty. And so I started studying the Desteni Material, and it was, respectively
still is an amazing experience and insight.

Since then I started to share myself in the open, vlogging and blogging, investigating the human
mind, its so called nature, and I began to understand things of which I may have had a glimpse or
two, but never had the clarity and understanding that I found in the words of desteni research
papers, blogs, vlogs and - Bernard.

I am glad for the opportunity to participate in the Desteni I-Process in order to establish actual living
equality and deprogramm the unidentified personality structures for obvious reasons.

There are obviously many points that differenciate Desteni from any other Group or formation, it is that they are always acting equally as one. The whole purpose is to change life on earth and to challange the trustworthiness of our accepted 'human nature'. It is not about pleasant 'feelings', 'bliss', 'personal freedom' and 'happiness', wich is all useless unless all beings had the same opportunity to experience it. It is about facing truth, naked and often times disgusting, shocking, but always truth as it is. And the way to face truth as it is is self honesty, which is never really a pleasant experience as well.
So far, so good, I feel really lucky about that encounter, because I found myself in great despair at
that time, some three to four years ago, and I don't know how I should have gained any perspective
on the future of human life on earth if I hadn't met Desteni people.

To create that future as 'Heaven on Earth' I commit myself to, and I stand for an Equal Money System because in that we as mankind can all equally face ourselves and clear ourselves from all enslaving programms and mind concepts, because noone needs to fight for survival, no more need of abuse and exploitation, and no more need to hatch plots against each others. For the first time humanity could really develop, become worthy of living.
I always asked myself why people do not see their true potential as human beings, why so many prefer to become dull, addicted, entertaining themselves all day and night, or strive for some living standard ideals that obviously don't satisfy them once reached, why they in doing all this never become aware of the simple fact that they are chasing ghosts and while doing that they even harm themselves and many other beings, unnoticed. I know due to my own process, using the tools of self honesty and self forgiveness, that the Money system as we created it is keeping them busy fighting for survival, all that is connected to that Money is transmitting the message of hope and fear, therefore noone has the time, the opportunity to self reflect, to stop and to overcome ones fear. That will change in an equal money system, because each and everyone will unconditionally be supported, equally, as a natural right that is based on common sense, truth and actuality, the right to live on and with earth. And through that we will trace and identify the inner systems and expose them as the enslavement programmings that they are. We can do that, and with desteni, with the support of the group of self-honest, trustworthy people that realize themselves as equals, it is obviously real and feasable to get this done. I knew it from my childhood, that I can't be wrong with my perceptions. Even when I got anxious from time to time throughout the years, I never lost that sense, and with Desteni I gained total awareness and direction towards Practicality, for working on an actual solution.
Thank you guys!

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