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Postby Bitia » 16 Jul 2011, 06:14

Hello, my name is BITIA and well, I ask myself why is the desteni forum now "private" & has "rules" ? It was really supportive in my research of desteni..., but having to do an introduction or writting makes me get more in action

Desteni has opened my eyes. I came here about 5 months ago, maybe more . I see the common sense in the words I hear in each video & text ... while I read or listen ..I can "feel" MYSELF , I feel I am here, I am alive, I am one with all, I am responsable.


Well fisrtly, my internet researches begun when I arrived to Canada, I came from a "hard" lifestyle in Mexico, where I lived until the age of twelve.
When I arrived here I thought that the fact that here's more money than in my country would change everything and this country will be a different world than mine, where you dont need anything but to survive( eat and have a place to sleep)

1 year after my arrival I saw that money & "nice things" (like grass on the streets, less traffic, "smart or cool people", "best education, "best gouvernments", or a little bit of more money) DIDNT AND NEVER changed the fact that humans were and are enslaved, this country was just an holographic illusion and a dream .

I Started researching and finding documentaries, texts, interviews, videos...about the money system, human trafficking,sex slavery, pedophilia, governments, frauds, deaths, conspiracy theories, UFOS, reptilians, abductions ,ghosts, esoterism, demons, etc
Then I looked for more and more conspiracy theories. about governments, new world order 2012 and the elite. I became frustrated because all I acquired was knowledge and I felt I had no actuall power to change things.

I became so fearfull of the future and I ran into spirituallity ... a pretext to not take action and responsability in this world

I looked for angels,ascended masters and light workers, but every time I hoped or prayed to them to save me or to save us as humanity, I felt a kind of vacuum and a weight in my back ... I felt ridiculous about doing this prayers and got bored.

.....once I saw winged in a video and as many people thought: " pff what is this boy talking about, i dont like his attitude" then I just ignored it

I felt in multiple depressions during that time and I just searched for entertainment, wanting to ignore all the "evil" in the world, I tried to "live confortable"
but I couldnt...

so five months ago I refound another video of winged , I dont remember if it was her who was talking...i just remember the commmon sense and my curiosity , I just wanted more life "expectancies".... but as my eyes started opening, and I learned to listen attentively....everything collapsed

my relationships changed, my "dreams" changed, my visions changed, even my body changed when I started controlling my anxiety

I dont know what else can I say in my introduction. I hope most of you understand my vocabulary and grammar......or at least my point!

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Re: Bitia

Postby Maya » 16 Jul 2011, 09:59

Hi Bitia!
welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing!
Enjoyed reading your intro

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Re: Bitia

Postby Jessie Arias » 16 Jul 2011, 16:53

Cool Bitia!
Thanks for Sharing yourself! I also enjoy reading.

I can relate so many points, I am from Mexico too, and although I haven´t lived abroad, I also perceived things as better than here where I live, and I wanted to live in other country to be more 'smart' and improving myself better you say an holographic illusion and dreams.
And all the search for answers to know why the world was like this - accepting the abuses and violence out there - ended in searching in spirituality, meditations, reiki, and all that type of things...where I found many dishonesty as a reflection of myself and I was fed up; I decided to apply all this knowledge by my own...and there I found Desteni and I realized I was Responsable for me and everything here.

The Process of re-birthing myself has been very cool and I have enjoyed myself a lot.

Keep sharing and walking - see you around
Again Welcome :D

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Re: Bitia

Postby Lindsay » 16 Jul 2011, 17:28

Hi Bitia - thanks for sharing - welcome!

Yes - when we stop allowing ourselves to diminish ourselves through out mind, our entire physical structure, along with many other points, begin to change as well, due to the absolute abuse we inflict on ourselves/our physical body when participating in thoughts/feelings/emotions, which become embedded into us as 'who we are' - so, cool you have supported yourself in stopping and standing up from this, and glad you're here!

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Re: Bitia

Postby Marlen » 16 Jul 2011, 18:20

Hola Bitia!

Great that you are here and decided to come here and share.

This caught my attention:
1 year after my arrival I saw that money & "nice things" (like grass on the streets, less traffic, "smart or cool people", "best education, "best gouvernments", or a little bit of more money) DIDNT AND NEVER changed the fact that humans were and are enslaved, this country was just an holographic illusion and a dream .
I've had similar thought patterns yet disregarding that for one country to live like that, there obviously must be someone else that is certainly being abused to get to that position of superiority, as it is simply NOT equally available to ALL in this world. So yes

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regard other countries that are living as 'first world countries' and wanting to get to live in there as a point of self interest in my own experience without ever realizing that they can only exist as that due to the abuse and power that has been taken from others to get to live in a superiority condition, disregarding what is HERE as the totality that is certainly not living as the best for all living scenario.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to yearn to live in a 'first world country' without realizing that within that I am only existing as a desire to 'live well' without considering the whole in that decision, without considering the actual processes that lead to the creation of such countries based on abuse and enslavement of others to create a maintain an illusion, a 'good status' that has been allowed only by the use/abuse of others to sustain that illusion.

So yes, after we sought in spirituality, we realized through Desteni that we are the ones that must take self responsibility for this world - and not seek that in 'someone else' and within that, dare to see ourselves as what we've created. For that Self Forgiveness becomes the way to bring ourselves back to HERE and stopping our own delusions of what we though it is what we 'wanted to be' - because then we can see we already are here, there is nothing else to get or gain here, we can only realize ourselves as Life as that which has always been here and that which we've always disregarded while being trapped in our desires, wants and needs of the mind.

So, this place is to support ourselves to face ourselves, to take self responsibility for what we've become and from there standing with others as equals to actually generate ways to live the best for all scenario that can be do-able for all life in equality.

thanks for sharing - disfruta!

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james morris
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Re: Bitia

Postby james morris » 16 Jul 2011, 19:28

hey bitia, thanks for sharing. cool support here everyone. cool see others waking up and realizing that it is us as a humanity that allow things to be as fucked up that they are, so we are the ones that will change this in to a solution that is best for all instead of repeating the same pattern of fixing things to remain the same where only a few have and the rest suffer in spite.

Equality for all we see

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Re: Bitia

Postby KellyPosey » 16 Jul 2011, 19:29

Hi Bitia!

Cool realizations. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Cool you're here!

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Re: Bitia

Postby Ingrid Bloemheuvel » 16 Jul 2011, 21:53

Hello Bitia - welcome :)

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Re: Bitia

Postby Bitia » 17 Jul 2011, 04:18

Thank you all for these direct, common sense and nice comments!
This makes me feel welcome and I start to see the *writting as a tool to develop my self-honesty

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Re: Bitia

Postby abdul » 17 Jul 2011, 12:31

Welcome Bitia,

Be "Here" with listening physical sound images & only concentrate what you seeing in physical environment while/with "BREATHING".

Enjoy Equality! :)

Abdul Wahab
Investigate Self through Re-Search of Self

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