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David Robert
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David Robert

Postby David Robert » 16 Jul 2011, 23:27

hello my name is David Robert, I am twenty years old and live in the United States, I've been with Desteni for over a year now. how it all started. hmm well kinda funny cause it all makes sense to me now. well it all started, from what i remember, i had been on the desteni site before i got into it and it scared me I judge it couldnt make sense of it all that jazz. and i had read nothing completely nothing in relation to this next part. one night me and a buddy were like hey lets eat mushrooms and trip well it was my first time eating them so i was all excited. anyways were tripping and i had one really close friend who i could get "deep" with. he was sober at the time cause he just wanted to see me trip. anyways so im tripping and i start going on what my other friend who was also tripping called shroom babble basically you have all self realizations n shit and you cant prove it blah blah. so anyways my "shroom babble" was all about, im telling this to my sober friend, the perfection of man. and how god made us perfect we ate the apple we got fucked but there must be some way to get back to perfection right? anyways me and him were hardcoreeee into that conversation for hours we started writing all this shit down and were like omg this shit is nuts makes so much sense blah blah. then later in the yearrrr i was on desteni and i read the word self expression mind you i was ninetteen had no fucking clue what that really meant. for real. legitly no like freshman year of college it was my mission to do drugs and literally and i mean literally build and ego i set out to even do it cause i thought girls like guys with big egos and i wanted to get laid. i was deceitful (still am) and manipulative (working on it). so we ate mushrooms again and my sober friend did too this time. and then during the trip i realized omg im self expressing with my words and im trying to explain this to my good friend and the other friend was like its all shrrooom babble again blah blah blahh. anyways we left schooool and I was on the quest for knowledge. back then i still believed in god and what not so a lot of knowledge was like im in image and likeness of god so i must be like this and anyways basically deluded myself searching for knowledge, took more mushrooms to look for knowledge blah blah blah. anyways last trip i ever had met the devil, by this time i was more into desteni, read it a lot, and i thought i was the devil's son the antichrist for a bit idfk why, delusion of course, now i realize me as ego is antichrist. well went on a trip with devil into the rabbits hole learned about equality and oneness and applied self honesty and self forgiveness i wanna say for the first time, dont quote me on that, but i was to scared to say it aloud in front of my friends so i breathed and did it, and by this time i breathed every breath, no four count though, i've got to reprogram that back in, sorta been auto pilot mostly. anyways since then i quit eating mushrooms and started desteni process. i've been persecuted and was even kept in a psyche ward for an overly long time because i was self forgiving out loud even when i explained to them. fuckin doctors are fucking retards god damn. ive lost friends, how people perceive me as in and what not, and currently ive been slacking because ive been supporting greater reality more because i have been letting ego influence me and i whisper self forgiveness. at least i quit smoking pot though. :D

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Re: David Robert

Postby Marlen » 16 Jul 2011, 23:44

Hi here David Robert - thanks for sharing your experience - once we go walking and realizing all the limitations are self created as the mind, the standing up as Life becomes an expression of who we really are.

We can only deceive ourselves so within this, we all have the same opportunity to live here as who we really are or not - we either give away ourselves to mind relationships or decide to stand here as life no matter what - this is a process and cool you're working/walking on it.

See you around - big egos must cease to exist to actually get to walk in humbleness seeing what is really HERE in simplicity as ourselves.

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Jessie Arias
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Re: David Robert

Postby Jessie Arias » 17 Jul 2011, 01:09

Hello David
Welcome here, thanks for sharing :D

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Re: David Robert

Postby Jeanne » 17 Jul 2011, 03:49

Hi David Robert,

Cool to hear that you are standing up and open to the idea that perhaps this world is not quite what it seems -- and yet for millions who are in the trenches of poverty the world is exactly what it seems.
Welcome here.


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Re: David Robert

Postby Lindsay » 17 Jul 2011, 05:43

lol - cool David - time to slow down, breathe, and bring ourselves back here to walk ourselves into/as the Life that we've always been, but were too caught up in ego to see.

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Re: David Robert

Postby abdul » 17 Jul 2011, 12:06

Hi David,

Cool story of Joining... :)
Enjoy Equality!

Abdul Wahab
Investigate Self through Re-Search of Self

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maya rote
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Re: David Robert

Postby maya rote » 17 Jul 2011, 12:22

hey david
thanks for sharing - cool you are here

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Re: David Robert

Postby Gian » 19 Jul 2011, 09:20

Hey David Robert = )

cool introduction,

great to have you here man.

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