Anton's Introduction

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Anton's Introduction

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How I got to Desteni

My spiritual journey began long before, sometime around 1987-88; all within a single desire to obtain my visa to enter US or Canada. I want to get the hell out of Sri Lanka, a war ravage country with no hope in sight. As a born catholic I resorted to St. Anthony of Padua, so-called miracle worker, to assist me in getting my visa, and simultaneously I would try other Saints from Hindu religion as well, who cares about crossing the religious lines as long as I get my visa I will suck up to any God.

That took me on a long road, from one Hindu god to another, from one guru to another, I was on a circus. Not sure which god eventually granted me the visa, but I am pretty sure it was a normal human immigration officer who approved my visa without any divine connections.

Upon arriving here in the West, I continued my fascination with Hinduism and other Eastern thoughts but this time it was for something of a higher goal, for personal happiness and spiritual enlightenment. And enlightenment of course is something we all have fallen into, I fell big time. It cost me a lot of money and years in search of enlightenment. Number of gurus including Sai baba, Sri Sri Ravishankar and lastly Eckhart Tolle all collectively took many years of my life. I was really into those gurus looking for salvation. Now looking back, it just mind boggling how fucked up and mislead their devotees and gurus are. I know I was fucked up.

In terms of cultish like groups, I can safely say, I was into the cult of the Hare Krishna Movement. It is a cult from the perspective, it had controlled structures with senior gurus and junior gurus etc. Looking back, every group I was with was a cult, as in, each only serving its only little purpose and nothing else.

At the end phase of my spiritual circus, I thought I had found the one, it was Eckhart Tolle, there is no way on earth, I am going to convince myself that even Eckhart Tolle is limited, and he hasn’t got the real deal. From 2005 to 2007 period, I was completely into the Power of Now bullshit. He was it, the real deal. I had nearly 40 DVDs and CDs of Eckhart, listening to them while driving, at home, or work etc, to create a blissful calm peaceful be-in-the-now environment, just for me.

Like all other seekers of wisdom, bliss, glory, joy, salvation, enlightenment, smile, nirvana, I tried everything mystical to bring happiness to myself, to sort out my inner issues, nothing worked, yet I continue to invest time, money, and hope in them. I wasted nearly 20 years of my life going from spiritual group to another.

Fascinatingly enough, the world nor its precarious state of affairs never came to my mind, of course I am a seeker of higher wisdom, and who got the time for world problems, let the masters sort them out, after all, the sufferings of this world is the result of individual karmas, and that is why humans are suffering in various forms, it is their payback time, and certainly it is none of my business. So my indifferent life went on looking for bliss and joy which obviously never came.

During Christmas week of 2007, I was home alone, I surfed the web for hours endlessly desperately looking for Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual videos, as if I wanted enlightenment that very week. God I was so messed up or what, all that goes to show the state of inner chaos I had been living as.

I surfed into a desteniproducion video by the portal.

Instantly, my 20 years of bullshit spiritual search ended, I was stuck by the inter-dimensional portal message, I knew this was the real deal. As they say, the rest is history.

I am still here. I am not interested in any Visas or favors anymore, I want something real, absolute and eternal, which is good for me, and good for the rest of humanity.
No previous guru, god or group had any substance, they were all about self-interest based enlightenment. Desteni message is a world apart from the rest, yet the message is everything about this world right here, right now.

Meeting desteni has given me peace, and applying its tool has taken me to a new me, I am changing for the first time.

What I understand to be heaven on earth is

Growing up in Sri Lanka during war times, I have seen suffering all around: From war, to hunger, starvation, poverty, homelessness, loneliness, sickness, alcoholism, drug abuse, family violence, child abuse, labor abuse, old age abuse, rape, prostitution, death, abuse of power, abuse of money, religious abuse, sex abuse, race and ethnic abuse, gender abuse, and you name it, I have ‘seen it all’ in this world to my own eyes.

To me, heaven on earth would mean an end to all forms of abuse, where every human can live safely, healthy, secure, educated, supported, in clean environments with assured dignity. No more competition no more fear of survival. Naturally care for animals and nature is equally important.

Why I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality ?

In my 20 years of search, I have never seen or heard of any solution to world problems. Never. Not a single guru or God had any solution to world problems. They had hopes and dreams, but no actual solution.

Equal Money System is THE solution. Having seen all the bullshit in this world, I can say with utter certainty, Equal Money System and World Equality will birth a new earth for all inhabitants to live in dignity sharing this beautiful planet.
But we must create this new earth, it will not be done for us.

Hence I am one vote for world equality.

Top 10 Videos that I liked and had the most impact on me are: – message from e-coli super bugs. ... ture=share This one life. Revenge of the Ego. Science of self forgiveness is in the water. How I became a deamon – Patrick. Bumble Bees disappearing. Awareness, who created me? Anonymous: on the death of Me – Part 1. self-forgiveness is the key to the Universe – portal 1. The Dawn of a New Age by Veno.

Thank you.

July 17, 2011


Re: Anton's Introduction

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Hi Anton.. do your best.

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Re: Anton's Introduction

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Cool Anton.

Great having you with us = )

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