Aloha from the Isle of Lucy! Darryl

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Aloha from the Isle of Lucy! Darryl

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1. I discovered Desteni

How I got to Desteni was a bit of serendipity. Ever since the White Light event that occurred when I was 20, I had entertained myself by setting sail on a fruitless voyage to discover its "meaning." I took to reading volumes of history, ancient religious texts. philosophy, politics and spiritualism. For many years, the knowledge that I received from these sources sustained me, and the reason why the knowledge sustained me was because I made no demands to the knowledge. I didn't realize that the knowledge I held had no discernible effect at all in this world save for the most piddling of effect in my own life. I saw that the world was a mess, but I was only ever really concerned with my own ass above any other consideration. When I finally realized this, 9/11 and the following Gulf War II made the flowery and hopeful words of the "spirit guides" ring awfully hollow. These "guides" didn't seem to be doing fuckall for anyone in the world, and either they were incompetent or part of the problem. I just didn't know which, because they never spoke in plain-easy-to-understand land. But after a while, I unsubscribed and deleted all connections with anything that remotely smacked with the taint of the "New Age."

I found myself about to delete the final link. I was done with religion and New Age. But for some reason, I lingered at the Spirit Library link longer than I should I, or so I thought at the time. Then I said, "Oh, what the hell. Let me just see one last page before I dispense with this fairy - tale crap for good.

And I clicked the link. I saw that someone named, "Anthony" had made an interesting post:

“We have launched an addition to our site where we publish messages from the recently departed to their loved ones– this is done randomly with 10 crossover messages a day– we cannot due to time constraints do specific readings. If you had some-one that crossed over recently, you may find a message at . The messages are typed by the being that crossed over themselves through the interdimensional portal.”

I never heard any sort of claim like that before. "Recently departed?" Was this on the up -and -up? Or was this more New Age bullshit? I decided to give this "Desteni" a try. And the rest, as they say, was history.

2. Equal-Money and World-Equality

My perspective is this: there can be no appeal made to speak for "reason," "logic," "morality" or "righteousness" - when billions needlessly suffer for no reason. EM is the only than can make an actual change in the world, and the only reason why suffering exists is because we have accepted that paying others for the right to survive is valid. It certainly not valid - it is the cruelest social convention humanity has created. And it seems that plenty of people are willing to allow this social abuse to continue - and will call such remedies as the proposed equal money system as "communism," as if that casting such a lame-ass smear rectifies anything. They cannot afford to face the awful truth that calling Equal Money a communist plot does nothing to release them from their responsibility, deny it as they may.

We've made it acceptable that it is all about money, with the haves and the haves-nots fighting over the shrinking supply. It is a good joke that they do not realize the game of capitalism is about over, and the only thing that will emerge out of post-capitalism is either a more just and sane world of universal equality, or some bizarre version of Mad Max - meets - Soylent Green. Heaven or Hell.

3. Heaven on Earth

Heaven and Earth has forever been separated. We know what transpires on Earth is anything BUT Heaven, with all the catastrophes and brutality that befalls most human beings trapped here. As for Heaven, we have no evidence, only stories of it being the abode of God or the Gods, which exists in an eternal bliss of completeness within a celestial paradise. Heaven is often thought of as "being up in the sky." Even Jesus is supposed to return from Heaven to Earth by appearing first in the air, according to the Epistles of Paul.

Obviously, technology has destroyed the notion of gods living in the air, but that's one of the main pillars of religious propaganda. It promised Pie in the Sky you can eat after you DIE! If you have no emotional or theological commitment to the old idea that Heaven was a place in the clouds, then you can probably through the deceptive superstition and will have no trouble in imagining a world where the state of Heaven existing on Earth.

What would have to happen to allow such a universal bliss to wash over every child, woman and man in this world? Subvert the paradigm. Democratic Universalism. Equal Money for everyone where one doesn't have to pay for the right to survive - they get paid for the right to survive. Which sounds like Heaven on Earth to me!

4. Top 10 Video Favorites

Going to list series as well:

1) The History of Mankind. (Epic and essential in understanding the nuances and complexities of the Desteni Material, narrated by Jack).

2) Andrea's Story (I did not believe in Demons before and after watching this series, but when I interviewed Andrea Roussow personally over the course of several months, I was left with the realization that the existence of demons - incredibly - was not only true, but was also an important subplot that explained a lot of terrible things in the world.

3) Anton LaVey (Another essential video series that explains how the afterlife was arranged by the different factions there).

4) Audrey Hepburn1 (This was the first video I watched, and still remains one of the most touching).

5) History of the Universe. (350 billion years of history narrated by Veno. Yes, 350 Billion).

6 Portal History (Sunette [Winged] recounts her story of how the Interdimensional Portal came about).

7) Macdonald-Bayne (Kinda creepy in the way MB details the level of enslavement and control in the afterlife).

8) Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley (Fascinating details of how famous people are dealt with in the afterlife).

9) Peter Tosh (I saw Peter Tosh perform live in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter's voice is so distinct in this video, and the details he relates of how he saw demons in people when still alive - it's truly amazing).

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Re: Aloha from the Isle of Lucy! Darryl

Post by deedra »

These "how I got to Desteni" introducitons have been so fun and insightful to read, I enjoyed yours as well. Thanks!

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Re: Aloha from the Isle of Lucy! Darryl

Post by Carrie »

Hi Darryl. :) Great to hear how you got to Desteni. Great video shares. Thank you.

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Re: Aloha from the Isle of Lucy! Darryl

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Thanks for sharing your story, Darryl.
Equal Money for All
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