My way to Desteni

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Mats Bjornsti
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My way to Desteni

Post by Mats Bjornsti »

Some time last year I came across a desteni video of sunette´s body so to speak when I was
browsing youtube stone as fuck. I found it fasinating and intriguing so I think I saved
the video in my playlist to come back and look more later. Since my life only was about getting
drunk and high it took a while before I really got more in to it. But then after following
desteni video´s for some time I then made the decision to stop my abusive patterns and join
the desteni I process. I had prior to desteni gotten myself into studying new age spiritualism like
astrology/numerology, Mayan calender, Conspiracy theorists, Frequency energy vibrations,
Illuminati, Free masons, Law of attraction, Galactic federation, Bashar, Ramtha, Kryon etc.
So I was kind of mind fucked from time to time in regards to the information I was consuming
from these kinds of study´s and still it did not provide any practical solution. So when I started
listening more to desteni I understood that this is what is happening. They spoke the real deal
about things. So for me this has been a period where I have redirected myself and gotten more
stable within myself and I see how many traps one can get caught up in.

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Re: My way to Desteni

Post by larrymanuela »

Hi Mats,

Thank you for being here, so we can grow larger as a group that is and will show humanity that we as humans can change and take our responsibility in not only in taking care of our children in providing for them what they need alone, but also see that there are others like us who have those same needs and there we must have the same responsibility also, not letting anything nor anyone out of this bigger picture. And not to mention the responsibility that we must take in making use of the resources provided by the earth......all must be taken into consideration, and that is real responsibility. what we term responsibility right now is rooted in selfishness and separation. So equality and oneness must take it's place. We do have oneness and equality tho, but with the starting point of separation, so we need to be oneness and equality as oneness and equality itself, thus equal and one to itself, to life.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy.

Larry Manuela

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Re: My way to Desteni

Post by Ann »

Very cool Mats!
Welcome here and very brave to have taken the decision to stop.


Re: My way to Desteni

Post by dorin »

Wellcome Mats! Lets untrap bcoz are many lol and btw I saw 2 of your recent vlogs I belive you should post the links in here ;)

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Re: My way to Desteni

Post by Garbrielle »

Mats glad to see you here...thanks for sharing and standing up for life equal.

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Re: My way to Desteni

Post by viktor »

cool Mats - enjoy forum-participation

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Re: My way to Desteni

Post by Lindsay »

Awesome Mats - welcome here!

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Re: My way to Desteni

Post by Fidelisspies »

Hi, welcome. Yes that is what we as a group represents and stand for - Permanent solutions!!!
To make it IMPOSSIBLE for abuse to exist - To completely take out that potential. And we all do it on a individual level for ourselves and others. 1+1 until its done.

Imagine that - a world where it is impossible to abuse. And each and every one doing what is best for all.

Enjoy the Process

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