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Re: introducing myself

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Hi Marzanna! Thanks for sharing about your journey thus far!

one point i'd like to address: many people will react to the words spoken by Bernard, but it is not nastiness - rather it is a specific approach addressing the actual nastiness that exists as the accepted human consciousness and way of life, specifically the 'secret mind' where the human will be nasty about others or even about oneself and will 'justify' this for example as 'free choice' or 'free will' or as one's 'right' without considering others' equal right to life or the abuse that is being accepted and allowed.
So - this approach is specific, and some perspective on this point is given in the blog post The Lovey Paranoia.
(Note: the transcription may be a bit difficult to read, the Blog was spoken as a recording - but if one read it slowly and out-loud, it's cool)

I actually recommend reading all new posts on the Paranoia point - as that is a point that opened up recently and thus the dimension of the 'secret mind' will now be walked also in Blogs to expose how it all functions and to share insights and practical ways to assist and support oneself:
Paranoia - The Home of Human Reason -part 1
Paranoia - The Home of Human Reason -part 2
Paranoia and Stopping the Mind

Cool, so - Welcome to the forum - and Enjoy :)
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Re: introducing myself

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Marzanna! So cool that you are here!
Looking forwards to seeing/reading more of you :-)
Enjoy the Forum
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Re: introducing myself

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Hi Marzana!

Welcome to the forum! I'm looking forward to reading more from you, too! Enjoy!
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Re: introducing myself

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Thank YouALL!!!glad to be here!!! :)
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Re: introducing myself

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Hey Marzanna! -- really cool that you are HERE.

Enjoy your process
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