Just joined the forum

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Just joined the forum

Post by empty tiger cage »

Hello members and readers. I have been following many videos and blogs on desteni.org since 2008. Decided it was about time to register. I'm in the DIP Lite process. Happy to be here. I should have kept my real name as my username...oh well...my real name is John Casey Glendinning...so as to place me in physical reality...
John Casey Glendinning

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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by Maya »

Hi John

Welcome to the Forum.

Please check out the Forum Guidelines to ensure you are aware of how the forum works/ what the forum is for

and ! You can share your writings on the Writing Yourself to Freedom forum and/or Self-Forgiveness for more specific questions/ points with regards to your application of it. It is also suggested to post your Journey to Life blogs in your own thread on 7 Years Journey to Life

If you would like us to change your user name to your real name, let us know and we will be happy to do it for you.


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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by Maite »

Hi John - welcome here and cool to here you're walking DIP Lite!

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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by Anna »

Hi John.

Very cool that you're here!

Enjoy the forum and the DIP Lite course.

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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by sylvia »

Hi John great to see you on the forum! It took me about a year before I started participating on the forum. I didn't feel ready before that time to participate, though ones on the forum all that I 'feared' or made a big deal about in my mind disappeared. Enjoy John and as Maya said, we gladly change your forum name into your real name.

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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by Bella »

Welcome to the forum John! Cool that you've decided to share here on the forum, and cool that you are walking the DIP lite!

(If/When you have a Blog that you write, it would be great if you'd share the link on the forum - Thanks)

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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by Garbrielle »

Hi John, cool to see you here, enjoy the forum

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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by Juan Pablo »

Hey John -- welcome to the forum, and enjoy the process!

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Re: Just joined the forum

Post by Kristina »

John - cool to have you reveal yourself - lol since 2008? That is quite the process you have walked, would be cool to hear more about you and what you have experienced since you started hearing the desteni message! Welcome and cool to have you participate! Enjoy!

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