Thanks and hi*

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Thanks and hi*

Post by BhagwanFeathers »

Thank you

nice to be here

i'll behave


reads and walks in the night with cigars*

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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by Maite »

Hi, Welcome to the forum.

I suggest to read through the introduction writings that has been done so far and consider sharing how you found Desteni and what specific videos and article were assisting and supporting you to see, realize and understand the message as a practical application in your day to day living.

You can also open up a thread in the writing yourself to freedom section and in the members blogs section where you can place your writings and blogs.

If you've got specific questions, you are welcome to place them in the Ask a Destonian thread.

We've recently launched a new FREE Desteni I Process course called Desteni I Process Lite. Definitely suggest to check it out if you haven't already.

And lastly: please read through the forum guidelines.

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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by Anna »

Hi Bwagwan!

Welcome to the forum.

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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by Luka »

Hey Bwagwan! Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the ride!

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Rozelle de Lange
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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by Rozelle de Lange »

Hi - Welcome here... Looking forward to reading more of you

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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by Garbrielle »

Hi, welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself

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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by Cathy »

Welcome here Bwagwan!

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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by sylvia »

Hi Bwagwan welcome to the forum, it would be cool if you could share some more with us, where are you from, how did you find us, what Desteni material did you read/watch.

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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by KellyPosey »

Hi Bwagwan, welcome here! Enjoy

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kim amourette
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Re: Thanks and hi*

Post by kim amourette »

Hey there Bwagwan,

welcome to the forum.

Cheers, Kim

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