Thanks and hi*

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Juan Pablo
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Re: Thanks and hi*

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Hi Bwagwan - welcome and cool that you are on the forum - enjoy it

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Re: Thanks and hi*

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Hey - welcome to the Forums.

"I'll behave" - lol

The Forum is for self support and support for others walking their process as applying the tools in facing the mind and in fact stopping and walking out of the Mind and into physical Reality to be able to actually sort out physical reality to be a place we can actually all be able to live - so use the support that is here - ask questions, share yourself. So would be cool to hear more about you; how you found Desteni and what it is about the message that 'made sense' to you that then supported you to see the common sense to walk this process?

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maya rote
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Re: Thanks and hi*

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hey Bwagwan
welcome to the forum

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