Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

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Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by JessicaSmith »

Hello, I’m Jessica Smith, currently seventeen years old and from the United States AKA-Ohio. I’m going to discuss what brought me here to this web site, the experiences of myself living as a system within and as this World. Its interesting because when you’re asked why you’re here, why you’re here at Desteni? And I think to myself, why wouldn’t someone want to become life and stop the abuse of this World? Just take down these systems within ourselves, and you discover within these emotions, feelings, and emotions that these systems aren’t you. The complete purification that you feel once everything is gone, everything seems so clear and amazing. Through this process so far I’ve noticed that I been merely dabbling this process of self-forgiveness and that is unacceptable, studying all the information throughout the website doesn’t show any indication of change, but actually taking the time to put the information into physical application which has been addressed many times here is the key.

Throughout my existence, people have always identified me as a mute or someone that’s incompetent to communicate with other human beings. What I learned from human beings, through that assumption is that people are quick to judge. The fascinating thing about human beings is that were always looking for relationships or friendships, we rely on other people when we can’t rely on ourselves, we love someone else because we can’t love ourselves, and we have this implanted thinking that having these relationships is considered ‘healthy’ while someone that is always alone is considered ‘unstable’ and needs to get psychological help. When I was an infant my asthma was quite mild and apparently my eye-sight was quite severe this led me to develop an attachment to my Mother, I had an NDE (Near Death Experience) at birth which was also one of the causes for my interest in the Metaphysics when I was older. Living a life of solace at a young age never really gave me the experience of communication with other people, of knowing what to say and what self-presentation to present, although I knew quite alot about human nature through observation. Human beings conversation’s consisted of communication through reaction and energy constructs full of no meaning.

As seeing these words being written I know I’m merely pointing the finger at someone else on purpose, not wanting to take self-responsibility that I judge others as well, but trying to 'appear' different somehow and make myself look 'good.' There is also subtle judgment of others now in my existence, although I'm trying to transcend that point because merely judging others is judging myself, essentially, 'self-judgment' which I have defined as me minus the equation of 'self.' Although the concept of 'self' is interesting because until recently I actually comprehended what 'I' is. When we here the word me or I what comes up through the mind-consciousness system is limitation through the mind, we think of ourselves when that's not the case at all. That is the point of self-interest, and now from reading some of Sunette's articles is that SELF is everyone, plus, there can be this fear of people that exists prominently within me and we can see that fearing other people creates separation thus I'm fearing myself. Quite common sense, although common sense isn't exactly common sense because nobody takes the time to understand it, common sense isn't common at all from a certain perspective, its a rarity.

When I found Desteni there was currently the New Age belief-system highly programmed into me thus when I watched the video (Youtube, of course) it was about the Ascension, basically the video was saying that it was complete bullshit which of course I didn’t want to admit because I had immense fear of the future, still do. This is caused by self-abuse that exists prominently as my mind-consciousness system, self-abuse because of thinking myself as 'less' than everything and everyone which existing as a system 'motivated' through thoughts, feelings, and emotions is already proof that I've become 'less' and everyone else as a collective.

Time Passed.
Now I’m back!

Simply because I actually asked myself the question, “What are you going to do if the precious Ascension doesn’t happen”? All those times where you studied and meditated would be pointless, wouldn’t they? Obviously I was pretty blind, but that’s what religion and spirituality does. You live and learn I suppose. Well, technically there really is know living or learning within this World, well maybe learning if knowledge without application counts. xD

I’m responsible for everything of this World, every manifestation that has been created. Now I can write myself to freedom, and continue to do so but there has be a moment where I’m as breathe, where I see everything clearly because of taking what I accepted and allowed as a point of forgiving myself and letting it go. That must be every moment, not one, there is not a single realization in one moment where everything is clear and that’s it, this is of course a process of honesty. Unfortunately this can’t be as easy as the movie, “The Matrix” where Neo decided to take the blue pill where he can take on the systems and see the deception, not quite like that, but if we realize what we have accepted and allowed within this World we can see that seven years through linear time is an illusion, a deception of the mind telling us that we can never do this.

There comes a moment in our lives when we have to ask ourselves the question. One simple question.
What do you live for?
Now we can of course sat our families or our jobs, but that is something outside ourselves. Can you think of something inside yourself that you live for?
From my experience there hasn’t been any living. Only extensive fear. Fear of others. Fear of the past. Fear of present. Fear of future.
All those fears are an illusion, yet, there still exists some form of fear. Fear of Self? Fear of what I’m capable of? Fear of what this existence is capable of through Self-Expression?

There only exists vast darkness;where light comes along to give you infinite bliss, actually blinding you from what must be seen. The Light can be so great, so beautiful and the darkness only greater, never letting you see the deception. Then you wake up through terrible grief and never take action or you simply let go to the polarity.

When its dark you can’t see anything, but when there is light we squint our eyes still only seeing blurring images. When will I see again?
Will I be blind forever?
Or shall I actually take action and not become less than all the manifestations that have taken place here on this Planet.

Looking over the material from Desteni I learned quite alot so far, because before this I was into the New Age belief-system which is mainly a place for me to feel ‘special’ or think of something ‘greater’ which creates separation. Which separation was the key for why the World is the way it is, collectively thinking that everyone and everything is separate than you created the chaos. The ignorance of letting someone suffer because they’re not you, the chaos in such a thought construct. Self-honesty would have to be the only tool that actually gives you a solution to a problem, because I can go to therapy and a psychologist can medicate me to find this ‘happiness’ that doesn’t even exist or tell what’s wrong with me. They can judge me over my ‘sanity’ but is that actually finding a solution? Yes, you’re talking yourself through your problems, but are you actually making an application of manifestation within this physical reality, or are you just lying to yourself and creating more empty words? Its interesting to see that in your whole life you never really lived or been here, or been an expression of life. Once you realize that you’re just a system and just a mind-consciousness system its mind boggling to see that everything was just an illusion, but honestly if I look at my life it was just pictures, full of lovely pictures to distract myself from myself. To become so overwhelmed with these pictures its interesting, you live in this picture world, and just think everything is fine and dandy. Then suddenly you wake up, seeing things, but what am I really seeing? Am I seeing through my eyes or am I seeing through my mind? Because when I look at a picture and I close my eyes I can see that picture through my mind, through memorization and pre-conceived ideas of what that picture is. But am I actually seeing anything? Its the whole bigger picture of seeing something, or am I just part of the illusion of the picture? A puzzle never found? Pieces missing, forever. Now what brought me here is basically the questioning of this puzzle, and the questioning of my belief-system. Because, yes, the Ascended Masters and the Channelings brought lovely messages, but the messages never brought solutions. Bringing up this ‘hope’ full of love and light and that the Ascension will bring us to the fourth-dimension and ET beings will assist us. If I look within my World and nothing has changed and Hell is here, Earth is Hell by definition, if Hell actually existed still.

We never live, we die everyday. I have this experiences full of emotions and thoughts, and claim there real when that’s a lie. So then if that’s not really me then I been living my whole life a life, my whole life has been fabricated. What your teachers teach you, what your Parents teach you, and what your Friends teach you, is that you have to live a certain way to be accepted a certain way and not to express yourself, but express yourself a certain way through the mind. To not be a unique expression, but to be system dying and not even knowing it. Its interesting how human beings die and accept our lives, you know I have my job, partner and money, but I enjoy it because it satisfies my bubbled life. We don’t give a fuck, we don’t want to care because if people actually cared the World would have changed by now, but no we don’t give a damn because were not starving or being murdered or raped, although if we were in that position we would of course would of loved someone to make a difference if they could. So, self-forgiveness is the key, I chose to be here, although if choice actually existed, which through the World we can see that’s gone. Within a certain perspective I’m here, because, why the hell not? Or I could just die and live within this bubble, honestly, that would have to be the most depressing and most fucked up idea. I remember once I talked to someone about self-forgiveness how it can affect us, and changes ourselves and this World, this person said, “What do I have to forgive myself for”? “What did I do”? I suppose when they thought of forgiveness they thought of the ‘Jesus Concept’ of forgiving themselves, but in all honesty what do we have to forgive ourselves for? The real question is, “What don’t we have to forgive ourselves for”? What have we done to this World already? Were just as ‘bad’ as a rapist, murderer, terrorist because we let this happen and were just as responsible

When I mean that humans are dying throughout my introduction, I’m not referring to physical death, that’s inevitable. I’m referring to the death that happens to all of us when we exist as systems, the drowning of a human being, the ignorance that occurs and the lack of life. Speaking of life-I was looking through the Internet and trying to find what people live for, trying to find some sort of justification. From what I observed people had no idea, the reasons either were fear of death, fear of suicide, justifications of ‘living’ life to the fullest, fear of God and this endless construct of fear. This is an example of me burying myself through the questioning of human nature, seeking to find the truth and what the interesting thing is, when I have some form of ‘truth’ I have more justification and fear created by myself. The biggest delusion of this World of truth, truth never even existed, the biggest ‘truth’ I suppose you could say exists is life. When I have a life, I have LIfE-lie, which is what life is existing as.

So, here I am now in one moment, and standing for oneness and equality.
For life. Through life. As life. For life. As Life. Through breathe. For breathe. As breathe. Through Self. For Self. As Self.

What is a life when it’s never lived? It’s never life, just more fuck up. What is the greatest fuck up of myself? Myself.
Where have I been? Absolutely nowhere.

Equal Money System is the way!

I support an Equal Money System because it’s the only where for everyone to actually value life, and to come to the realization that were all collectively an expression of life. An Equal Money System is the only way where we can all come to the realization of ourselves to support ourselves through the abuse that has been occurring for eons of times, and through all those eons we’ve never actually come to the realization that what we been doing over those periods of time has always been the same thing thus never any progress with the abuse and deception of this World.

It’s interesting how money is the biggest problem of this World, and how it will become the solution for people to realize themselves because if everything is branded equally what will everyone argue about or start wars for?

We constantly ask ourselves the question, “What is the meaning of life”?
You are!
We just have become blind by money, through the value of money because of this fear of what’s going to happen to me if I can’t support myself. The fear of loss and what will become of me. We all have lost ourselves because were always hating each other or becoming jealous about something someone has and apparently we don’t have it. Interesting enough were merely hating and being jealous of ourselves, FUNNY!

Our current system is filled with nothing but separation and power hungry puppets. Through the Equal Money System we can some to the realization that is just deception. When we have separation we have someone hurting someone else thinking that there making themselves feel better when it’s all held into reverse. Were actually hurting ourselves! Power is actually fear of loss, fear of losing control and becoming a slave when were actually already a slave.

Heaven on Earth, Oh My!

Through the Equal Money System people will come to the realization that were all Equal, As One, As Life, As Breathe thus Heaven on Earth will develop. Earth has become the definition of Hell for such a long time, even human being’s realities through their perceptions of the mind have become the very place of Hell for everyone as a collective.

We all have been waiting for God to come on a cloud for such a long time and thinking that when we die Heaven shall be full of infinite bliss where I’ll worship God and the Ascended Masters that apparently have such wisdom that were somehow less. Through my experience I’ve delved through constant notions of trying to find some form of escape where the World will be lovely and not in the current state it’s in, even coming to the experience of falling into depression and eating disorders because I didn’t want to face what must be faced. Going into a place where nothing must be faced and taking absolutely no responsibility for what I’ve done in this World.

Through Heaven on Earth we will see absolute face of self and never deception, facing yourself and walking as breathe. Where we can all live freely and see what’s actually here.

Video’s that have Impacted me the most
1. The Deception of the Church-A Paranormal Message ( This was quite ‘moving’ for me this video gives you perspectives on what happens when someone comes to the realization that their life has been a ‘lie.’
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGoIkHB ... ideo_title
2. Hitler Series (‘Great’ insight on what was actually Hitler’s motivations of the Holocaust that was never taught in school).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfTJGAV ... ure=relmfu
3. Earth is a Test
https://www.youtube.com/user/DesteniPro ... -9z8pgWYQE
4. Doorway to the Self and not Consciousness
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQNLzQ- ... ideo_title
5. Why do we exist here on Earth?

Thank you for listening,
Listening through the mind, warping every single bit of information or listening through self, and as self. ;)
Now that is something fascinating!

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by Lindsay »

lol - yo-yo, jessica - enjoyed reading your introduction, very cool how you have stood up and are supporting yourself - thanks for sharing and being here!

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by Anton »

very cool indeed, welcome.

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by Cathy »

Cool intro Jessica. Thanks for sharing - definitely a fascinating journey - enjoy

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by Lana »

hey jessica

enjoyed your introduction, welcome here!

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by viktor »

yeah this was some sweet writings - thanks for sharing Jessica

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by scott »

Yo Jessica...

It's great that you're here.

Welcome and enjoy ~

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by Anna »

Hi Jessica - Grateful that you're here.

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by Gian »

Yo Jessica - awesome having you here.

I joined Desteni when I was 18, 3 years ago, I asked myself the same thing as you.
why wouldn’t someone want to become life and stop the abuse of this World? Just take down these systems within ourselves
and that is really to the point = )

thanks for the cool introduction.

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Re: Yo-Yo-Yiggady-Yo! Introduction

Post by Rozelle de Lange »

Hi Jessica,

Very cool intro - I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
I’m responsible for everything of this World, every manifestation that has been created.
- Powerful self-realization. I stand one and equal to it.

Welcome and Enjoy

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