Who am I

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Re: Who am I

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Hey Carlton

Welcome to the forum. That is exactly how I began my journey with Desteni, by watching the videos! It is cool you are taking DIP Lite to begin the practice of daily writing, introspection and exploring how you can contribute to a better world. I have found patience and reminding myself to be kind to me, extremely assisting in this journey.

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Re: Who am I

Post by Reece »


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Re: Who am I

Post by tormod »

Hi Carlton. Cool that you have decided to walk the lite course. I am to.

Welcome to desteni and desteni forum.

cheers - tormod

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Re: Who am I

Post by barbara »

Hey Reece, welcome to the forum.
Reece wrote:CHEA SUP BRA
what does this mean?

A note here is that the forum is for writing out and sharing points we are dealing with in our process, so it would be cool if you could share yourself a bit. Cool that you're doing the DipLite course! Looking forward to reading from you!

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Re: Who am I

Post by Garbrielle »

Hey Carlton, welcome and enjoy.

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Re: Who am I

Post by Denise »

Welcome, Carlton. Enjoy self-discovery:)

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Re: Who am I

Post by Kristina »

Very cool to have you here Carlton - I also walked into Desteni the same as you - watching the videos until I gave myself that little push to start participating on the forums - realizing this was the real deal, what I had been waiting for and the support I needed in order to see for myself that I am here and I must be the change.

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Re: Who am I

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Hey Carlton,

awesome that you found the forum and are ready to start walking this journey with us.


Cheers, Kim

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Re: Who am I

Post by sylvia »

Hi Carlton welcome to the forum! Cool you're in Dip-Lite or maybe by now you've finished it. I do relate to the point of 'what now if the interviews are gone', though as soon as you learn to and apply the Desteni tools the message is inside you as your principle of life and no channel like YT can ever take that down.

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Re: Who am I

Post by Eleonora »

Hi Carlton, welcome to the Forum.

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