Who am I

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Re: Who am I

Post by sandymac »

Hey Carlton
Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the articles which Marlen provided the link for!

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Re: Who am I

Post by KellyPosey »

Cool to have you here Carlton! Enjoy the Forum and walking the DIP Lite course, both awesome tools!

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Re: Who am I

Post by Maya »

Welcome Back!!

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Re: Who am I

Post by avery »

Hi Carlton

This is a journey well worth walking to Life here .

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Re: Who am I

Post by Matti Freeman »

Hi Carlton, welcome to the forum


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Re: Who am I

Post by PaulQuessy »

Hello and Welcome Carlton

Good to hear that you're walking the Desteni I process lite. It is a great place to start with walking the process that we all have given ourselves through being here.


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Re: Who am I

Post by Darryl »

Welcome and Aloha, Carlton!

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Valentin Rozman
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Re: Who am I

Post by Valentin Rozman »

Welcome Carlton!

I also discovered Desteni via YouTube videos and I have been watching them from morning to evening since I had an accident four years ago and was in bed recovering from injuries. Then after I while, I went to the web site and joined the forum. The material is quite radical and can be intimidating but I suggest to take it slow and 'eat the elephant one bite at the time'. Cool that you have signed for DIP Lite, it is a great support for beginners that I have also experienced and there is much more interesting things to discover here if you want to 'dig all the way into the rabbit hole'. Enjoy!
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