Sylvia's walk with Desteni

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Sylvia's walk with Desteni

Postby SunetteSpies » 15 Jun 2011, 15:10

1. How I got to Desteni

While visiting my favorite conspiracy web-site I stumbled upon a video of Sunette, it was put under the category of funny/weird video's. I clicked on it and that was the beginning of 4 years non-stop Desteni. Since I never had used forums on the internet I simply didn't click the button of the open forum, much later through googling on topics I came on the open forum for reading. For a year I've been watching all the video's available at that time, I printed the articles and took them on vacation to read. I introduced my husband to Desteni and together with our 2 kids we explored the message of equality.

I saw that Desteni had great tools to improve myself, which till then coming from spirituality was not my thing. I rather healed and helped others instead of looking inside myself. The more I heard and read the more I had to admit that also I was full of fears, thoughts and emotions which I had denied and suppressed for all of my life. So I started to apply the materials and saw how it gave me a more clear stance in life. Writing myself to freedom was a great resistance, at that moment in time it felt like taking of the cork of a bottle and not knowing what was coming out. In other words I feared to lose control over my self and to reveil me to myself in self-honesty.

I started SRA in 2010 and began writing without going public. The course gave me an immense boost in process, doing process on my own was fine, but slow. In that same period I became more involved in Desteni and started to understand the power of the group and standing together. Desteni has become my family and within my family system of 4 the guidelines by which we live, simply because we see that what's best for all is also best for us.

2. Why I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality

At first Desteni to me was a place where I could work on myself, improve myself. The second stage was to work with the fact that changing me was changing my outside world. I became more aware and differently aware of the problems in the world that we had created as humanity. I saw that also I was responsible for all the suffering in the world and I could no longer look the other side or hide behind a state of numbness/zombieness. World equality is the only way to save humanity from itself. And in order to get there, we need to implement an Equal Money System to change the definition, we as humanity, have of money. Money the only thing that moves people from abuse to addiction into possession. So I see that I simply have to stop our current world and no longer participate in a system of abuse and be the one, together with the group, that stand for live as life.

3. What I understand to be “Heaven on Earth” is

Heaven on earth is a place where each of us understand and act in the best interest of all. It is something we're programmed to believe as impossible. So in order to get to heaven on earth, I have to break with my pre-programming and redefine my world into heaven on earth.

4. 10 Videos that you like the most / had the most impact on you

The History of Mankind series: ... dded#at=46

The Human Body-The Secret of Life Revealed part 1 (whole series 1-7) ... re=related

Physical now as God -Anu 9- The Secret of Reptiliens? (whole series) ... dded#at=75

Matrix 7 on Secret of Thought Creativity ... dded#at=12

Implosion of Reality-The End of Evolution ... dded#at=74

Revenge of the Ego

The But Fear ... ideo_title

Water and Alcohol in the Body of Self-Man ... ideo_title

Self Perfection while in a Limited Body and Limited Reality is Possible

Water as the Study of Life in an Equal Money System Brings Longevity

Haters of life ... ideo_title

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Rozelle de Lange
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Re: Sylvia's walk with Desteni

Postby Rozelle de Lange » 16 Jun 2011, 21:55

Desteni has become my family and within my family system of 4 the guidelines by which we live, simply because we see that what's best for all is also best for us.
Thanks for sharing Sylvia :)

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Re: Sylvia's walk with Desteni

Postby Gian » 17 Jun 2011, 11:50

thanks for sharing Sylvia.
I never knew there was actual conspiracy websites Geee lol.

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Re: Sylvia's walk with Desteni

Postby sylvia » 19 Jun 2011, 20:06

Yes, Gian, there are a lot of conspiracy sites. This was a Dutch one called Zaplog, still exists and I'm still going through their news items to see what is lighting up their fire. Those places are nice to get alternative non mainstream news, just beware of the tin foil hats.

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Re: Sylvia's walk with Desteni

Postby Ann » 20 Jun 2011, 14:58

Zaplog, never heard of it, ill check it out later:) Welcome Sylvia!

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