Hello everyone, my name is Tang

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Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby TangKaChung » 01 Aug 2011, 16:43

Hello everyone, my name is Tang Ka Chung. I am a 19 years old male, a Hong Konger, and I am studying at Hong Kong Community College.

I found desteni while searching for videos on 2012(Chinese translated), which caused my curiosity on desteni material, so I decided to give desteni a shot, I gave myself a shot to see what desteni message is about. So from that time, I have investigated desteni material for nearly a year, from portal videos to Bernard’s videos, I download these videos into my phone, as mp3 records. Therefore you didn’t see me on youtube, and in any desteni forum, because I do the work and write personally, individually.

I have some unforgettable experience on desteni, once I wrote to Bernard ,I was bored ,I ask him some shit ,and he didn’t reply, in youtube mail ,he replied in video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QKYfUvc ... ideo_title
I pretty sure that he replies to my message, I match the day and what he said in the video. Due to this ,I reacted to him extensive, and wrote him more shit. And in that time, I completely fell into emotional chaos, all the embarrassment ,anger. I missed the chance to apply self forgiveness and breath, as what he told me.

For a while ,I decided not to join desteni , because I know my problems and shit, I understand if I don’t change I will get banned inevitably. And In fact , I just fear.

And why I am here now? Because I need help, I choice the easy way,I wanna relief the suffering which I will have to face, that is .

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby Marlen » 01 Aug 2011, 17:28

Hey Tang, wake up!

Cool you're here though realize that you are here to support yourself
And why I am here now? Because I need help, I choice the easy way,I wanna relief the suffering which I will have to face, that is .
Desteni is a platform for Self-Support therefore it doesn't imply that things will be easy or a quick fix at all, you've got to actually walk the tools here and the relief can only be existent when you make sure you walk self forgiveness and stop those experiences which are self created - that's the point of self responsibility.

So let's not fear but actually walk and face what it's inevitable to face anyways - welcome

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby Lindsay » 01 Aug 2011, 17:44

Welcome to the forum Tang!

We are here to support ourselves indeed, and through this we assist/support others, as ourselves, as we walk together - so, in a sense to walk with a group is 'easier' as we have more than just ourselves to reflect ourselves back to ourselves, and myriad perspectives within which to view the various facets/dimensions/layers of what we alone have created, which we may not otherwise see, at least not as soon, as when we walk with/as a group in SELF-Application - so yes, it is all:ways self that must face self, alone, within the realization that we're all in this together - all:one - facing ourselves and what we've each accepted and allowed.

We are here to support where support can be given - however, it is up to self who self will be, how self will walk, how self will create a Life for self that is actually worth Living within the principle of what is Best for All - no more fear - no more wanting our suffering to 'go away', without actually standing up, facing all of ourselves, and taking Self-Responsibility for everything that is here, because there's nothing to fear, when we're here.

Enjoy Tang.

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby Anna » 01 Aug 2011, 19:45

Cool Support - Cool that you're Here Tang!

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby Maya » 01 Aug 2011, 22:13

Hi Tang - welcome.
Yeah - the support was already given to you within this thread. and yes - no one can save/help you but your self.
it's time to take self responsibility and stand up from the self created shit. don't be hard on yourself though - it takes time but we walk till it's done.

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby Gian » 08 Aug 2011, 15:46

Hey Tang

Glad you found desteni.
welcome here and nice meting you.

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby barbara » 08 Aug 2011, 15:58

Hi Tang - cool you're here! Welcome!

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby Carrie » 09 Aug 2011, 07:01

Great that you're here Tang!

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Re: Hello everyone, my name is Tang

Postby Bella » 09 Aug 2011, 16:12

cool Tang, welcome here!

already that self-insight within/as which recognize what you've 'done'/what you've 'applied': is a huge first step.
already getting yourself here is a form of self-forgiveness - otherwise you would still be holding on to ideas and emotions of the ego.

so -
i'd suggest recognizing this for yourself and taking it from here;
continuing the way of self-forgiveness and walking the 'path' of self-support, developing self-honesty and establishing self-trust.

great to see you here,

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