Hi all

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Hi all

Post by Sampsa »

Hello from Finland, I am new here or rather this is the second time I am coming here but this time for real. I have really hit the rock bottom in my life and everything's been changing for a year or so. I have been addicted to alcohol and have been struggling to get away from it and now I have found ways to cope with it. I am happy to be here and I am participating in DIP Lite course over which I had some questions. I was under the image that I should start doing forgiveness but as I was inspecting the pages I found out later that you're basically supposed to do that only later as you've developed some required skills towards that end. Now I have been doing it for awhile and I have been writing all sorts of stuff about life and everything seems to be a mess and I am quite confused as now but also I have been doing some progress on what is it to be me or how am I behaving and conducting myself. I have quite a long history of mental health problems not very serious ones but mainly depression and related problems and at the moment in my life I found it rather taxing to be coping with me as a daily basis. So I am going day by day investigating and trying to participate in new ways to do things to boost my morale and also not to lose myself in mind games. Seeking your support sincerely!

BR, Sampsa Suhonen

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Re: Hi all

Post by sylvia »

Hi Sampsa welcome to the forum!

Cool that you already started the Dip-Lite course, which does lead up to doing Self-Forgiveness, in such a way that a foundation is laid to understand what it is one is doing and how to expand from there.

You are asking for support, is that on the point of depression or addiction or simply how one is able to deal with oneself? It would be cool if you could be more specific to what area or what point you would like support and assistance or whether it is general support you're seeking for.

To become more familiar with the forum I suggest you read the guidelines first. You can also start your own thread in the Self-Forgiveness section or in the Writing yourself to Freedom section. As soon as you're up to it you can start your 7 Years Journey to Life blog and here you can read all about starting one up.

Here is a cool topic on the forum that's about addiction and here is a cool vlog from Sandy about mild depression.

When you go to Eqafe you will see more interviews that will support you in your process.

Cool to have you here and cool if you could share some more about the points you'd like to get support on.

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Re: Hi all

Post by KellyPosey »

Hi Sampsa, welcome here.

On the point of doing Self Forgiveness - you can start anytime, no need to wait, there is a lot of resources you can utilize here to help you get started and to understand the most effective ways to apply it. Here are some places to start with:
Self-Forgiveness & Practical Self-Application perspectives
The Guidelines of Forgiveness
And these are located in the section on this forum: Self-Forgiveness and Practical Application Questions and Perspectives where you will find lots more in relation to Self Forgiveness. You can also place any questions related to Self Forgiveness there if you don't find the answer there already. And also there is the section that Sylvia shared below where you can open a thread to share your own Self Forgiveness writing and you can read other's Self Forgiveness to see examples.

Definitely cool you are doing the DIP Lite course as it walks you through all the fundamentals with buddy support as you go - really awesome course! I have done it myself.

Also suggest to peruse the forum and check out all the various sections for perspectives on all kinds of things which assist greatly with getting clarity in all aspects of one's life. There is also the search feature at the top right of the page to search directly for any particular topic. If you don't find what you are looking for you can ask questions in a related thread if there is one, or you can post it here in Ask a Destonian.

Take your time, it's a breath by breath process, and enjoy the forum!

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Re: Hi all

Post by Anna »

Hi Sampsa - welcome here!

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Re: Hi all

Post by Leila »

Hey Sampsa, welcome to the forum!
When I first started with Self Forgiveness I just 'went for it' and as I went through more material I specified how I was doing it. So like the others have said, no need to wait.

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Re: Hi all

Post by christine »

Hi Sampsa,

Welcome to the forum, glad to see you Here.

Yes, continue writing self-forgiveness. DIP Lite Course, starts out getting one in the practice of writing. However, since you've already started applying/writing self-forgiveness, I would say go for it. Myself as well as many of us, just went for it also.

I also found reading aloud others' self-forgiveness statements to be very supportive - Journey to Life Blogs - http://forum.desteni.org/viewforum.php?f=75

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Re: Hi all

Post by niklas »

Cool to read you Sampa, welcome!

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Re: Hi all

Post by tormod »

Hi Sampsa.

Welcome to desteni forum!

Cool that you are here.
I see you open up on the point of psyciatry and /or depression. I see that depression is something that we allow unto ourselves.
Like we choose it almost. A point to do self forgivenes on. That perhaps we want the self pity in the end.

I have with myself, through my own effort with usage of desteni matereale managed to quit drugs & alcohol.

And now I look at achiving and managing more and more work.
Psyciatry is a interesting (and fucked up) topic.

My blog is here: http://tormodworks.blogspot.no/
I live inn Norway

Glad to have you with us !

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Re: Hi all

Post by PaulQuessy »

Welcome Sampsa.

Like Tormod said, our mental illnesses are a result of our own creations. It may not seem like we have had a hand in creating the illnesses and that we are more so a victim to the diseases, but through investigating my own I see where/how I have been the creator of the illnesses and how I have accepted myself to participate in, mostly to hide from something

Cool that you're back and dedicated.

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Re: Hi all

Post by Rozelle de Lange »

Welcome to the forum Sampsa.

Very cool that you are walking DIP lite!

And I agree with the others here in terms of not having to wait before you apply self-forgiveness. Like Leila suggested - You can specify your self-forgiveness as you go along and learn/understand more about it.We are also here if you have any questions.


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