Hi all

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Re: Hi all

Post by Eleonora »

Hi Sampsa,
welcome to the Forum.
Like Leila said when I started with SF I just started where I was and then used some of the ones offered on the Forum shared by others that I felt applied to me in the specific moment and I found it helpful.
So, while DIP Lite will help structuring your writing and hence your mind, no need to wait, go for it, you can start with the hottest topics in your life and cool down from there until you start stabilizing.

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Re: Hi all

Post by KasperKwan »

Welcome Sampsa1

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Re: Hi all

Post by Sampsa »

Yes ok, I have crammed some more material now. I was in a heat of "mind" writing but have also done already quite a bit forgiving and lists seem to go ever on. Also I got help for forgiveness through some lists which were helpful. I have trouble being "here" in the moment the breathing is something I forget as I tense which is constant struggle for me now. I have also been trying to deal with my issues which seem quite extensive at the moment but the main thing would be to relax a bit and not to tense all the time. I am managing now better though than say a few days ago but still this seems quite difficult. But I am not gonna quit anymore.

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Re: Hi all

Post by Kristina »

Cool to have you here, Sampsa - welcome.

As you mentioned, take it one day at a time. We are, for the first time in our lives, learning how to be here and stop our mental games that we impose on ourselves, so give yourself the time to practice the breathing tool we have as well as whenever you see you're in your mind - simply stop, breathe, bringing yourself back here, back into focus in the physical/your environment. So this will take time and, like I said, practice, but the more we do it, the more 'natural' it becomes, so patience with yourself. Don't allow yourself to react when you see you are thinking too much or not focusing on your breathing, that will just add more fuel to the fire. So moment to moment - whenever you remember, take a breath. Writing and self forgiveness definitely support in slowing ourselves down as well as ridding the thoughts from our mind as we are actually giving direction to the thoughts in our mind. So instead of them aimlessly floating around in our heads, we take them out, write them out, look at them, apply self forgiveness, give them direction, change our minds in essence about who we are, in thought, word and deed.

So it's a process - you are taking a cool step in your process with the DIP lite course, so enjoy.

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Re: Hi all

Post by Carrie »

Hi Sampsa - welcome to the forum!

I had been writing and speaking self-forgiveness and self-correction for 2 years prior to participating in the DIP Lite course and find that the course has assisted me greatly with improving my writing and being more specific with my self-forgiveness and self-correction. Cool to hear that you're committing yourself to the course! Enjoy!

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Re: Hi all

Post by Marlen »

Hi Sampsa, welcome and glad you are here.

At the very beginning it might seem 'too much' and 'overwhelming' and I definitely can say to you: that is just an experience we create in the mind, that also can be self-forgiven and instead, we can go focusing one point at a time, from the current experience, the most prominent points and yes, through DIP Lite you'll be able to have the basic tools to walk this process as you've now decided to, glad for that as well.

Also sharing your writings here at the forum enables you to get further perspectives and also to interact on others' writings as that is what this forum is for.

Enjoy your process

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Re: Hi all

Post by Ann »

Welcome Sampsa!

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Re: Hi all

Post by Dilan »

Hi and welcome Sampsa!

I agree with the previous perspectives given: You can start self-forgiveness right away. It's like reading a book, to use an analogy, where you can turn a few pages to peek in advance - tipping your toes in the water, so to speak and getting a first hands on Self-Forgiveness and what's to come later in more specificity as you walk through more chapters of the DIP Lite course. Cool you're walking it and enjoy it for yourself!

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Re: Hi all

Post by Darryl »

Welcome to the forum, Sampa - and enjoy!

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Re: Hi all

Post by Rebecca Dalmas »

HI Sampsa and welcome here.
I started self forgiveness right away and found it very assisting. Within this, at times, the thought seemed so real and so big that I felt it was impossible to stop. I had to really look and really slow down and continue and fall before realizing I was allowing the thought and rushing to validate myself as that thought, and then to direct this within the principle of what does no harm.
It took a lot of effort to remain in breath as well, so busy am I / was I as the mind.
Sometimes, even when seeing a point I have to really be watchful within myself to see, in detail how I have allowed myself to direct myself here, and simply say stop - and breath.
Thanks for sharing!

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