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Zendor - a short intro... well, not really

Posted: 28 Mar 2014, 17:51
by Zendor

Hey, I'm new to this forum but I liked the post I saw on An Earthling's Journey to Life. I'm on that journey as well, orphaned as a baby and adopted early. Although I was in a great family, there were some really bizarre events that really set me apart. I wasn't aware that they set me so far apart at the time because I thought it was normal and that everyone experienced such things. Visitations and other metaphysically-oriented stuff was common for me, but not so much for others I found out as I got older. Oh well, it just gave me a head's up on life a bit prior to the rest.

That being said, I was introduced to a process in 1989 that really rocked my world and made it all fit much nicer. I share it here:

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or if that doesn't appear...

I trust that is an appropriate introduction.

Lead with Vision

Zen Benefiel

Re: Zendor - a short intro... well, not really

Posted: 28 Mar 2014, 18:34
by Andrea Rossouw
Hi and welcome to the forum

Please take a moment to read the Forum Guidelines to ensure you are aware of the specifics on how the forum operates/ what to post, etc. You can also check out the blogs, for further support.

With regards to the experiences you are referring to - these pre-programmed designs - we have on occasion discussed them, however on principle we use this forum and our time here to focus on supporting ourselves through writing, to become more effective, living human beings. For example in the blog writings that we share on this forum - you will see many examples of how we share our inner pre-programmed experiences that limit us, by determining our experience in every moment according to mind programs that have been pre-designed and accepted by us from when we were young. This is for example where one would identify ones own personality designs, why they exist and how they really limit one to move freely in self expression, because personalities are always based on surviving in this world, among other people and other personality designs. So, between having to survive in the money system to survival in the family and societal and relationship systems - we all develop our own survival characters and personalities. So many of your own experiences for example in the past - you will find are based on your pre-programmed designs - to have certain 'experiences' which then lead you to certain conclusions and points of focus or interest - which then keeps you entertained by 'these strange experiences' instead of learning about why we allowed 'strange happening's, unexplained events or mystical experiences' - and so for all of humanity - what you will notice happens is that most of us are literally in bubbles of experiences, pre-programmed around our personalities - to keep us entertained, while the world systems as they are now - happen in the background and happens without you realizing your role in how everything functions. So this is how the original designs that people experience as 'strange events/synchronicity' etc- all came into existence. On our demonology forum for example, we have shared some of these system type designs - created by the original creators within as as the human mind system - and what you will find if you listen to some of them - that you will be able to then relate your experiences to these system designs - in seeing that all human experiences were designed to some extent - either directly by our creators or through time - as we created them through the process of thought-creation which then becomes a mind system - as a platform from which the design integrates and becomes a permanent response within the being to ones environment. So take a look and simply breathe and listen and see how these examples you are able to relate to your own 'special experiences':

All of us here - have to one extent or another been faced with our bubbles that kept us focused on certain experiences while ignoring the truth of ourselves or the truth of this reality. So when you are ready to start exploring yourself as your pre-programmed designs - you can share your writings when you are comfortable to do so at the Writing Yourself to Freedom forum and/or Self-Forgiveness for more specific questions/ points with regards to your application of it. You can also check out the 7 Years Journey to Life thread and start your own when you declare you are up for it.

Re: Zendor - a short intro... well, not really

Posted: 28 Mar 2014, 21:55
by Zendor

I understand your protocol and inadvertently already applied it with my introduction. Perhaps watching the video will give you an idea of the bubbles I'd been experiencing and how the multi-plane awareness technique popped them all and then some. From a belief system of one body/consciousness to multiple on various planes was quite the experience indeed.


Re: Zendor - a short intro... well, not really

Posted: 02 Apr 2014, 00:43
by sandymac
Hi Zendor
Welcome to the forum. Yes, these experiences can be quite seductive. I have had some similar and some not so similar events, within and without, that are unexplainable. However, to what end? What difference does it make and what can you practically do as a human being here on earth with such experiences? Whom does it assist/support? Does it really change my life for the better or does it simply make me 'feel better' and probably somewhat superior to others, as I know some universal 'secrets' that others do not. I decided these experiences did not make me or my life or anyone else's life better at all.
When I first came upon Desteni the thing that struck me was the common sense and practicality of the information. No fluff, no light show, no magic, no ramblings. Just reality and a extremely specific process to walk, showing me (if I was willing to participate) the way to realize who, what, and why I am. Feet on the ground, down to earth and to the business of cleaning up the mess we humans have made of this beautiful planet. More importantly, a process for me to re-create who and what I am, as what is best for all life. As you know, we are all one and equal so not one life must be left behind, as such there is much practical physical work to be done, in order to reach as many people as possible to create earth into a place worth living, into a place where true/real equality exists-not just an idea of equality, but to eliminate massive worldwide suffering, practically feed/house/educate people.
To make a difference here, we must rid ourselves of all ego and that includes 'cool' 'out there' experiences, as that is all they are, just experiences. A distraction, as Andrea mentioned, lots of flash to keep us occupied so we never self-realize. Plenty of amazing information to explore here in the videos, the desteni library articles, the journey to life blogs, eqafe products. Enjoy!

Re: Zendor - a short intro... well, not really

Posted: 02 Apr 2014, 06:40
by Anna
Hi Zen. Is that your real name?

Welcome to the forum.

Re: Zendor - a short intro... well, not really

Posted: 05 Apr 2014, 15:50
by Rebecca Dalmas
Hi Zendor,
One way to look at it, is to realize that consciousness is a shadow self made of light manifesting a mind consciousness picture show built of relationships that one has used to define self, creating one's personality and character and then associating within that limitation and believing this to be real. This is, much like a television, an energetic manifestation that is in separation from the starting point of creation, as sound. Thus, it is to become of " sound mind' becoming equal and one with the physical. This means that the darkness is the light, and the light is the separation, so to speak.
So, at desteni, we walk the process of self forgiveness, and self correction, through writing to realize our own acceptances and allowances of aspects of reality that create a limited lie by omission, that is not good or bad, per say, but limited and the cause of separation as we have allowed this construct to become a god.
This has been going on for so long that it has manifested as our present system, whereby many suffer from lack of respect and support as life, within having opportunity to what supports the physical to live it's full potential as an expression built of the substance of life as what each is, here.

Re: Zendor - a short intro... well, not really

Posted: 18 Apr 2014, 11:08
by tormod
Hi Zen - Welcome to desteni forums

- I hope you will enjoy the many links, videos, articles, blogs, help and self help that is avaliable here.