Introducing Myself

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Introducing Myself

Postby antonzr » 08 Apr 2014, 03:06

I everyone, my name is Antonella Núñez.
I'm from Chile. Im 17 years old.
well.. I found Desteni because a "friend" told me that he was doing a course and he explain me a little bit about this .. and I was in a moment in my life that I was needed something to start all over with me .. and I like what he told me about that (DIP lite) course.. so he show me some videos and when I saw Sunette talking was increible.. really.. and then I started to do the course .. and now Im ending it .. I am great ..I "feel" good with myself.. obviosly there's things that I still have..but this is a process .. thething of this course that I like the most was that I'm more aware of everything that is around me and with me .. the 4 count breath really helps me with all this.
I read a lot of JTL are amazing.. a like to read experiences of destonians and how they deconstruct everything starting from their own experiences.. how I do with my course now...
Oh, and I have to say this.. my buddy is the best.. she always helps me and explains everything, she is really cool!

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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby sylvia » 08 Apr 2014, 08:14

Hi Antonella welcome to the forum and cool you've finished DIP lite!

Here on the forum you can have your own place to write and a place to do Self-Forgiveness. If you decide to start blogging with us in the 7 Year Journey to Life you can post your blog entries here. If you haven't been to the Eqafe website yet, please do so, there are many cool interviews for free there, it's a giant library with information which you can search through with the search button.

If there are any questions you want to ask on the forum, feel free, there is also a section where you can ask a Destonian about a specific topic/question.

And last but not least, please read through our guidelines for the use of this forum.

Looking forward to any of your writings. See you around on the forum.

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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby Anna » 08 Apr 2014, 09:05

Hi Antonella! Welcome to the forum.

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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby Carrie » 08 Apr 2014, 14:37

Welcome to the forum, Antonella! :)

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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby Eleonora » 08 Apr 2014, 19:19

Welcome on the forum Antonella, cool to have you here.

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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby Daniel » 09 Apr 2014, 17:57

Antonella, welcome!

Nice to hear that you liked DIP Lite and are enjoying reading the JTL Blogs! When I first started out, I did a lot of reading through the forums and watching videos of course. In honesty, I did this for a little too long before I pushed myself to start writing. As Sylvia mentioned, you can start your own thread in Writing Yourself to Freedom if you don't yet feel comfortable starting a blog. But I highly suggest you start writing as soon as you can, and do not fear making mistakes or not being perfect. I noticed a big difference in my life as soon as I started writing daily, so I highly recommend it ;)

Enjoy yourself!

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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby sandymac » 14 Apr 2014, 22:29

Hi Antonella

So cool to hear about how Dip Lite is supporting you. Welcome here!

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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby tormod » 18 Apr 2014, 11:12

Hi Antonella.

Welcome to desteni forum.

Enjoy !

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