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This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 27 May 2014, 21:44
by Julz
Hi, my name is Julian Robberts

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 27 May 2014, 22:36
by sylvia
Hi Julian welcome to the forum. It would be nice if you share a bit more about yourself. Where do you come from, how did you find the forum, are you familiar with the Desteni materials and tools yet etc.

When you browse the forum you will see a section called Writing yourself to Freedom and Sharing Self Forgiveness, these are sections where we share our writings. Also in the7 Year Journey to Life you will find many blog post which show you the processes that others walk.

There is also Eqafe where you can find many interviews and quite a lot are for free. Also the website contains lots of information about the Desteni materials which you can enter by using the search button.

The free online course with buddy support is called DIP Lite, I do recommend to check it out.

When you're done browsing the forum please read the guidelines.

Would be cool to hear some more about you Julian.

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 27 May 2014, 22:44
by Anna
Hi Julian. Glad to have you here.

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 27 May 2014, 22:54
by Julz
Hi, my name is Julian Robberts

I am the younger brother of Gian Robberts who has been with Desteni for the past 6 years.

I have been familiar with Desteni and Bernard Poolman since the beginning.
I have always been aware of what Desteni stands for and do, specifically what Bernard has always spoken about.

I have not started my participation within Desteni and this process since I have been aware of it, walking the process with the group and with Bernard as equals because I believed I could do it alone, in my own way. This did not work because I found myself repeating the same shit over and over, and seemed to not get out of it, when in Fact I didn't get out of it. So after many years of seeing/observing and being an observer of reality and how others walking with Desteni has changed their life's I have finally come to my senses/realization that walking as a group is the only way for real change, even thou I walk alone and my process is my own, support and assistance from others walking the same process as it is a vital support system required by all.

It all started the day I visited my Brother on the farm, I can't remember the reason for visiting, but he told me all about the new DIP Lite course which I found to be very interesting, the mind explained. I started the DIP Lite that night, which led to the event where Gian invited me to join the Desteni farm and we talked this over with Bernard, working and living here, I said yes to the offer because I needed the change of environment, my world had to change, so I was left with 2 months to see if my decision was real, after 6 weak into the 2 months I fell. I fell because I wanted to change on my own, in my own way, with no outside help, so I Quit the DIP Lite and told Gian my decision. I wanted to still believe in a creator outside of myself. So 8 months passed and I realized on my own that nothing was changing. I also in the meaning had a chat with a friend of mine, where we philosophized about God, and the creation of all, this led to the realization that there is no god.

After this realization I went straight to Facebook, asked if the offer still stands, and that I am ready to take self-responsibility. I was given another month to see if I stand by my own decision, and to continue with DIP Lite and have weekly chats with Gian.

Today, I can say I have started my Day 2 of my Blog, the 7 Year Journey to LIFE.

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 27 May 2014, 23:18
by sylvia
That's a really cool story Julian, glad to have you here and glad you did push yourself to stand. If you like you can share your JTL blog under the 7 Year Journey to lIfe section, so we can all read you.

Enjoy your process and all the support available!

See you around the forum.

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 27 May 2014, 23:39
by sandymac
Cool Julian, doesn't matter that you fell, only matters that you continue to question, that you have the courage to stand back and say, 'hey this doesn't make sense' like you did with the god concept, lol. Sure, we all wish there was some big guy in the sky gonna make everything better, but there is just you and me! See you around the net, as Gian would say.

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 28 May 2014, 00:15
by Eleonora
Hei Julian, nice to see you here!
Looking forward to your sharing and reading your process. Thanks and welcome to the forum.

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 28 May 2014, 08:41
by MartijndeGraaf
Okay Julian, I read your Day 1, stopping addiction. I'm glad to see you walking your process. Alone, together.

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 29 May 2014, 17:41
by Marlen
Very cool you have given yourself a second chance to walk this process and be here sharing yourself.

1+ more to the equation to change this world by changing ourselves individually.

Thanks for sharing your intro/story and for starting your JTL too.

Enjoy your process!

Re: This is Julian Robberts

Posted: 30 May 2014, 03:32
by Carrie
Hey Julian. Really cool to have you here with us!