Hi,I am wangzhangkai.

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Re: Hi,I am wangzhangkai.

Postby Marlen » 06 Nov 2014, 18:47

Cool feedback on how you are supporting you in your life with the use of the Desteni tools.
Writing is a key stabilizer on a day to day basis through facing one's day to day process of establishing self-change. So, I would simply recommend to keep doing that as it is an anchor of sorts so that you always have you, your writings, your application as a reference point and also sharing it here whenever you'd like perspectives too.

Also doing the physical points of being aware of what you watch, smell, touch etc is a great point of support to remain here - however if you see there's too much going on in the mind, then make sure you do investigate that which opens up within your mind, else it becomes a process of trying to 'quiet the mind' without investigating it first, which is why we suggest to focus on this self investigation so that you can see why it is currently not 'easy' to be physically here and so face the points that are coming up in your mind and so facing each one one by one.

Thanks for sharing and let's keep walking!

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Re: Hi,I am wangzhangkai.

Postby ZachWang » 07 Nov 2014, 06:25

Hi,Marlen,you are right,(well... there is no right or wrong,but you are right...lol).And,yes,Self-investigation is very important and necessary,I will keep investigating all the points basically through writing and walk through them.Thanks for your assistace and support.

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Re: Hi,I am wangzhangkai.

Postby Kristina » 13 Nov 2014, 03:14

Hi Wangzhangkai - welcome to the forum, and cool you are walking and willing to share your proccess with others.

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