My name is Kirill.

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My name is Kirill.

Post by Kirill »

Hello, my name is Kirill.

The process that has taken place to reach where I am now here writing, has been difficult, trialling and worth every hurdle that has been surpassed. Approximately 3 years ago, I had the usual massive weekend, drinking, drugs, not remembering most of what I did. Woke up, felt shit, the usual self regret, an having the thought, 'oh yea, this will pass.' However it did not, and that really was it, self had had enough. It has been in the past 6months that I have taken on Desteni I Process Lite, and in comparison to self help, spirituality and other remedies of consciousness, this is real. The assistance from the Desteni website has been extremely helpful, I have pushed through so many aspects of the illusion that I once lived, and will continue to commit myself to the reality of becoming life.

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by sylvia »

Hello and welcome to the forum Kirill. Quite an impressive story you shared, about quitting the life you were comfortable in and pushing yourself to start process using the Desteni tools and the DIP Lite course.

On this forum you can share yourself through writing, there are several sections you can post in. You can start your own thread in Writing yourself to freedom or in Sharing self forgiveness. We all walk the7 years journey to life process where we write consistently and count the days. You can start a blog and join us on this journey whenever you're ready.

Did you discover Eqafe already? If not please have a look because it's the coolest library on the planet.

While you're browsing the forum have a look at our guidelines so you know what is expected from you while you're here.

If there are any questions feel free and ask.

See you around on the forum Kirill.

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by Anna »

Hi Kirill. Grateful that you've taken these steps. Welcome and enjoy the forum!

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by AnthonyF »

Awesome introduction, Kirill.

Thanks for being here.

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by christine »

Hi Kirill,

Welcome to the forum. Very cool that you have started to support yourself through DIP Lite! Glad you are Here!

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by Eleonora »

Hei Kirill,
thanks for sharing about yourself and glad you found your way to the Forum. Looking forward to reading more of you.

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by Marlen »

Hi Kirill,

Cool feedback on how you've experienced the application of the Desteni tools thus far, and cool you realized that such lifestyle was going to get you nowhere. Cool for making the decision to support yourself and enjoy participating and sharing here at the forum

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by tormod »

Hi Kirill. Welcome to forum!

See you around!

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by Carrie »

Hey Kirill! Cool you're here in the forum.

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Re: My name is Kirill.

Post by Jeanne »

Hi Kirill,
Thanks for sharing yourself and welcome here!

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