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Re: Return To Process

Postby Ryan » 27 Jun 2014, 10:26

Wow I forgot what it was like to actually discuss these things with people who will not think your crazy for wanting to live the truth, its so nice to find people who will actually give you constructive feed back instead of labeling you that crazy person, lol :D. I am not sure if I am the only one, but I found it very difficult to actually discuss process with other people as most just don't want to hear it, even my own family. Its quite sad.

Hey Anna, Marien I think a good idea would try to develop local support groups for people who live close together that meet once or twice a week, so that you can discuss and assist each other in person, and possibly gain a few new friends, as most of mine seem not care about anything but their own worlds, and nothing else. I would very much enjoy, possibly hanging out and going to some group events like hikes or camping trips as those things would be very beneficial to all who would attend. You two let me know how we could do this, and I would even help you guys organize it. I am sure I am not the only one who would find something like this very supportive, and to develop friends who I could hang out with who were also in process would help all who attend further push themselves.

Looks like I got a lot to share with you guys, I am a lot more open now as before I was afraid to share some stuff because as it is somewhat personal, but pushing my limits I have casts upon myself is necessary. A=

I will post some of the things you guys brought up on a different forum, as this was supposed to be just an introduction, and for me to explain myself with a lot of the questions you guys had would take a lot of space on this forum so tomarrow I will start my post, and maybe a blog. I just have been working a lot and for me to walk this process at the state I was in I really need to focus on myself and that means that instead of writing a bunch on here I have been putting topics that are necessary to me first. I am going to also invest that 100 bucks on Dip lite, but is going to have to wait till next paycheck, funds are kinda tight cause I just started a new job.

Thanks again for all of you guys giving me feedback. I appreciate each and everyone of you for being you. thanks.

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Re: Return To Process

Postby Marlen » 27 Jun 2014, 22:51

Sounds cool Ryan. It certainly is not easy for others to understand however it's not impossible. At first I could not hold a conversation with my family members because I would only speak of knowledge and information that they could not relate to at all, whereas now it's all about sharing practical solutions, understanding ourselves as human beings and it's a whole different story than 6 years ago. So, it is not that we 'can't speak with others, but there are ways to share more from a point of application rather than just sharing information about truths or else, which certainly taps into belief systems and one is most prone to get reactions from such approach, than if we simply approach others from talking about that which we can all relate about, ourselves, our mind and the world we create and have created.

In terms of meeting up with people, it's not a common thing among people here, however you can share your location and where people can contact you. For such purposes, having Facebook is handy as well where at times some people might meet up either regularly or just to get to know each other once. So we don't actually organize such meetings except for a couple of times throughout the years in Europe and America, but that's about it.

So, sharing your writings and the whole layout of what you've experienced is next then

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Re: Return To Process

Postby sandymac » 03 Jul 2014, 17:57

Cool Ryan that you are back. We are all not so different from one another, write out any shame/embarrassment etc. esstentially anything that would stop you from walking your process/looking within yourself in self-honesty. It is not our job to judge each other here, but to act as a mirror/assist/support /understand each other. Don't look back, there is no-thing there.

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Re: Return To Process

Postby Matti Freeman » 13 Oct 2014, 08:50

Hi Ryan

Though this process is obviously serious in its importance, it's not necessary to judge yourself for falling or for what / how you currently exist as -- for example in terms of sleeping, or video games, or falling

Every breath is an opportunity to stand, forgive yourself, change --- and learn from your experiences / points / patterns. Each point that we individually are walking with / facing - is a gift, because through walking through the point and changing, we're then able to share very specific insights from the process we walked - which then assists others who face a similar point. So no matter how many times you fall -- no judgment is necessary or more justified, as there is always some dimension of the point you missed, which contains an insight that you then have the opportunity to share once you've walked your self forgiveness and correction.

I've realized time is not so relevant to focus on -- rather the point is in the Living -- the Decision I make as to who I am and what I give life to in each breath --- am I reacting to myself - or am I embracing, forgiving, realizing, changing, sharing...

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Re: Return To Process

Postby Cathy » 30 Oct 2014, 20:41

Great you're back Ryan!

I'm a bit late on my welcome so it'd be great to hear how you're doing these days

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Re: Return To Process

Postby Leila » 31 Oct 2014, 09:55

Hey Ryan, welcome back !

In terms of the sleep point, I would investigate any ideas/beliefs you hold about sleeping and how this affects your 'life essence'. Beliefs and Ideas have a way of confirming themselves -- where we will create an idea or belief, and then have an experience which 'confirms' our idea or belief. So if you had any pre-existent ideas about sleeping and how this affects you, these would create the conditions such as messages and pictures that confirm back to you what you already believed. So then we think we have an external source confirming to us that 'this is the case' and 'our belief is real' while it is all our own self-creation all along.

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