Hello world!

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Hello world!

Post by Tom »

My name is Tom, I am 24 years old, I was born in Poland, although I recently moved to UK to start studying economics there.
Its time to get serious with the process of sorting out myself so here I go:

1. How I got to desteni?
My first thoughts that something is not right here in the world I remember having around 6-7 years old before I went to school. Back then I thought there must be some secret with its special purpose and when I turn 18 my mum will reveal it to me. Quickly I forgot about that because I was busy with school, sports, friends etc.
While studying economics in Poland around 4 years ago I looked on the internet some things about economics to find out what is it about, because my lectures from macroeconomics didn't make a lot of sense to me (It was University of Warsaw - one of the most, or the most 'prestigious' university in country). Then I quickly found out how big scam it is and started searching all the various conspiracy shit on you-tube. I remember I used to watch all of those stuff from beginning to the end, carefully searching for some valuable information. I spent lots of time on it and at some point I found desteni in the links by one of the videos. I don't remember which one was it or my reactions to it, but certainly I got hooked.
Since then I have watched the videos and read forums regularly, almost on a daily basis. I participated a bit on the older forum by the same username.

2. What is heaven on earth?
I think it might be a reality that we see ourselves and everything else as equally important, we can trust everything and fear nothing.

3. Equal Money
I totally agree that equal money system is necessary to bring heaven on earth. All those money problems are so deeply rooted that radical change is required.
In my country there was a variation of communism for a long time and it was changed to capitalistic system in 1989. People in Poland say that in communism there was equality, everyone was equally poor. It is not true because there was always a 'class' of rulers that was living on other standards then all the others.
In the times of communism it was hard to get things. People helped each other a ton more then now. Now its all calculated in terms of money gain profit. People shared things, one knew all the neighbours because you had to borrow stuff from them f/e. At least more people respected each other more and formed some communities, everyone had money, but you there was no things in stores you could spend the money on, so everyone found themselves together against the point of government. Now after 20 years its totally different. Everyone in separation trying to prove 'I'm better' (come-pity), competing for god knows what.
Just this simple point of humans relationship towards each other now and then is enough proof to me that equality is superior to competition.
On the other hand I bet it would be way harder to introduce equal money system in communism world then in 'free-speech' capitalism world.

4. The most impact
I don't remember any particular videos that had the most impact, but I'm sure I experienced some emotions while watching some.
I remember being angry and switching off web browser only once after my contact with desteni. It was when I wrote some BS on forum and Bella answered that what I like or dislike is really not valid.

PS. I haven't written for several years so I experienced little difficulties writing this. It took me 2h to write this post lol, gotta practise moar!!

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Re: Hello world!

Post by Marlen »

Hey Tom, welcome to the Desteni Forums

Thanks for sharing your intro - Equality means: no competition, no superior, no inferior - just Equal as Life

Cool you're finally here to participate - Enjoy

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Re: Hello world!

Post by Gian »

Hey Tom.

cool to have you here.

I had the some idea that when I turn 18 my parents will tell me the secret of life lol, because they seemed so stable from my point of few.

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Re: Hello world!

Post by viktor »

Cool, hello Tom

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james morris
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Re: Hello world!

Post by james morris »

hey tom cool to see you here thanks for sharing
Equality for all we see

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Re: Hello world!

Post by Ann »

Welcome Tom!

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Re: Hello world!

Post by KellyPosey »

Cool Tom! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!

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Re: Hello world!

Post by Fidelisspies »

lol, hi and welcome

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Re: Hello world!

Post by Cathy »

Cool you're here Tom - Enjoy

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