Introducing myself, Nick

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Re: Introducing myself, Nick

Postby Anna » 17 Aug 2014, 16:05

Very cool to hear Nick!

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Re: Introducing myself, Nick

Postby sylvia » 17 Aug 2014, 22:41

COOL Nick!!! Now you're talking! Just let us know where or whenever you need support and assistance, glad you're here walking process with all of us.

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Re: Introducing myself, Nick

Postby Nick » 18 Aug 2014, 10:56

Thank you! :)

Yes I feel the support and it is supportive. Thank you :)

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Re: Introducing myself, Nick

Postby Kristina » 21 Aug 2014, 05:38

Hi Nick - that was quite the threads I've read - very cool post, points and process thus far.

Awesome you are moving yourself through the DIP lite course, as that is where we learn how to walk this process of self-change - where we learn how to actually, physically, practically take and live self-responsibility as that is what is necessary from us all - for all, one as equal, to stand self-responsible for this life, this creation, what is here as our nature, and to move ourselves to a point wherein we live by principles that support and manifest what is best for all. So you are definitely on the right track and it's great to see you so willing to be open about the subject and relationship you've created towards porn and masturbation. As it's been mentioned, so many have faced and are facing this exact same point. What is most interesting though is that no matter what it is we are addicted to - whether it's porn, or smoking, or food, or shopping, or anything - the addiction is the construct we must come to see, and understand so that we can direct in sorting it out, taking responsibility for it, and aligning it/ourselves to live to our utmost potential. So it's quite the realization and gift to realize it's not what exists outside of us that is the 'problem', as Marlen mentioned, it is who we are within all that we do, live, express and thus WE are the solution, we are the ones to actually embody the change. For me in the beginning of the process, that was such an empowering point - to realize that it's just me here, I have done all of this to myself, I am creating all that is here as myself, and thus I am the one that is able to change it - like wow, I am actually capable of deciding for myself who I am and what I stand as and live by.

So it was quite cool to read your words and your ability to see that we indeed limit ourselves through various patterns and addictions, yet when there is a will, there is a way and we must become that in order to change ourselves, as it's absolutely possible and necessary to be done. So welcome to the forums, the process, the journey and very cool to have you here. Looking forward to reading more of you!

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Re: Introducing myself, Nick

Postby christine » 21 Aug 2014, 19:23

Hi Nick -

Very cool that you are here and walking DIP Lite where you begin investigating/understanding what thoughts, feelings, emotions are and their effect on our bodies. The process walked through Desteni will change your life, will change you, practically and in common sense.


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Re: Introducing myself, Nick

Postby Matti Freeman » 13 Oct 2014, 09:00

Hi Nick,

Yes the DIP course will assist in developing the self investigative writing skills and self forgiveness skills for you to be able to uncover the nature of the addiction, the experience, the energy, the pictures. What is missing in the world / humanity / consciousness is the understanding that energy / the energy you experience through porn --- is a preprogrammed system -- it's not 'natural' so to speak, and is something you can stop. It's also something that's not necessary to judge -- or judge yourself for. Judgment / guilt is not necessary, because you have the capacity and ability in you, to stand up for yourself / as yourself -- and to stop and change yourself -- not because of some 'rule', or because porn is 'negative' and change is 'positive' -- no, it's not about positive and negative judgments attached to it --- it's about stopping because you see and understand that the nature of the addiction / the energy / the existence of porn --- is not supporting Life -- not best for all as Life --- but is rather creating harmful consequences throughout the world / humanity. So, it's like looking at a weed growing in a garden and -- not judging the weed, but simply seeing that the weed is causing the other plants to not grow effectively, so the weed is removed

Study the articles and FAQ on the Desteni site, and I also suggest reading the Heaven's Journey to Life blog --- as this blog walks you through the specifics of how we've come to exist as we do, through the mind, as various forms of energy / addictions, and how in this we've separated ourselves from who we really are / have always been which is -- Life as all as one as equal

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Re: Introducing myself, Nick

Postby Cathy » 30 Oct 2014, 20:25

Great support within this thread! Thanks Nick for sharing and Welcome!!!
Keep us updated with your process!

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