Ben Hailstone's introduction.

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Ben Hailstone
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Ben Hailstone's introduction.

Postby Ben Hailstone » 10 Aug 2011, 14:12

I have been in this life-world for 39 years.Reality has changed indescribably since I was born in 1971.My parents followed Guru Miraji's Divine Light Mission so I have been familiar with meditation techniques from an early age.In my late teens I practised third-eye meditations and had out of body experiences and extremely bright sparks of white light in my head and up my spine.Sometimes I would just gently float through the universe, a sense of intense calm, ease and peace would pervade my being, giving way to a gentle involuntary smile.These days, with everything that'a happened to me -being diagnosed with schizophrenia and hearing "voices" - I can't access these deep transcendental states.Thought come,thought go.
I believe in a world of universal creativity.Having access to these tools and ways of thinking is worth infinitely more than material riches.I have never been motivated by money.I like what I have read about equal money.It's high time we sorted out this problem about providing people with the basic exigencies of life.Food, energy, housing and health should be just like going to get a glass of water,on tap.You're right that it is insecurity and fear that drives greed.Remove those two factors, and you have a recipe for equality and freedom.What is necessary is to have a map or template of an ideal society so people can look at it and see for themselves,even if it cannot be applied at the present moment.I live, I breathe.
I have always loved writing, so I really like the Writing yourself to freedom concept.I used to write poetry, so then I learned to play guitar and write songs.One piece of music which I have recorded is called "Forgiveness".I don't want to be a rock star or anything.That tired mythology is just to sell records and musical equipment.I feel no need to be famous.That is a disease of late capitalist society.Well, this is me.I am sitting here now.Ciao!

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james morris
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Re: Ben Hailstone's introduction.

Postby james morris » 10 Aug 2011, 14:41

hey ben. nice to see you here on the forum. you dont meditate anymore do you? because it mind suppression, and we are about facing ourselves as the mind separation we have created. this is the correct way to stop the mind is to face it not suppress it, because if one suppresses the mind there are only consequences. so yeah. cool that you play music, maybe you can make an equality jam soon, well familiarize yourself with what we stand for and as and ill see you around in the forum thanks lates

Equality for all we see


Re: Ben Hailstone's introduction.

Postby dorin » 10 Aug 2011, 15:06

Hey Ben, cool you'r here.

I floated to in dreams when I was still a kiddo, I don't know what happened not being able to experience it again but I remember it very well and was amongst nicer states of mind.


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Re: Ben Hailstone's introduction.

Postby Andrew » 11 Aug 2011, 06:46

Hi Ben Welcome to the Forums.

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Re: Ben Hailstone's introduction.

Postby viktor » 11 Aug 2011, 12:25

Hi Ben


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Re: Ben Hailstone's introduction.

Postby Lindsay » 11 Aug 2011, 19:27

Hey Ben - cool that you enjoy to write, as that is the way in which we go about the entire point of: 'man know thyself' - and through writing ourselves out in absolute specificity with the necessary self-forgiveness, and self-corrective statements, we dis-cover ourselves, as who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be, and thus we can 'lay it all out on the table' - to clear the table of all that which does not support Life, here - and allowing to remain that which nourishes us and all of existence within the principle of what is Best for All.

So - enjoy your process, and welcome to the forum!

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Re: Ben Hailstone's introduction.

Postby Bella » 12 Aug 2011, 15:22

hi and welcome Ben!

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