How's it going?

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Re: How's it going?

Post by Michelle »

Hi Liamo,

I was also into Conversations with God, but I questioned many things from it, I didn't understand why 'God' was talking to the author and giving him all these answers instead of answering everyone else on the planet's questions...

Welcome to the forum! Enjoy yourself here :)

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Re: How's it going?

Post by theliamo »

you guys are awesome
you guys are gals actually
i am enjoying the diplite fantastic
stuff is beginning to move already.

Thank you all so much for the positive responses
probably chat to a few of you quite soon...

Rejoice, always rejoice :D

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Re: How's it going?

Post by Marlen »

Cool Liamo! DIP Lite is definitely the most comprehensive way to get to know what Desteni is about as practical tools of self support, so enjoy and I bet you'll be discovering much more about yourself in it.

Keep us updated as you go!

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Re: How's it going?

Post by Kristina »

Welcome to the forums - cool you are here and have been practicing/using the desteni information and tools in your own process!

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Re: How's it going?

Post by Cathy »

Great to see you're here and in DIP Liamo! Enjoy!

Matti Freeman
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Re: How's it going?

Post by Matti Freeman »

Hi Liamo, welcome to the forum, enjoy

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Re: How's it going?

Post by tormod »

Hi Liamo

Welcome to desteni forum.
It makes me glad to see that you like it.

I am looking forward to read more from you later in debth investigation.

Enjoy self forgiveness.
- cheers

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