Hello from Flo

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Re: Hello from Flo

Postby Maya » 13 Aug 2011, 18:49

Hello, Welcome to the forum!
the problem in this world is that people prefer to blind their eyes from what is here to not take responsibility and change the current money system of abuse. it's cool that you saw it for yourself and push through to hear the Equality message.
See you around!!

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Re: Hello from Flo

Postby Lex23 » 13 Aug 2011, 20:11

Also a big hello from me and i have read your post because of the closure of the main channel´s and i agree with your opinion.



Hello Flo

Postby anthony » 13 Aug 2011, 20:46

Is your name pronounced flow or floo?
IT is usually pronounced "flow", it is an abbreviation of Florence, usually, an English, Italian or French given name for girls. It is derived from the Latin verb floreo, meaning "I flower", in the sense of a blossom. The name is also derived from the Italian city Firenze, or Florence, in English, though that is not to say that Flo HERE hasn't acquired the 'name' in some other way or has some other reference POINT.

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Re: Hello from Flo

Postby abdul » 16 Aug 2011, 03:13

Hey Dear, welcome here! Enjoy Equality!

Abdul Wahab
Investigate Self through Re-Search of Self

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