trauma healing

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trauma healing

Postby Aemelie » 17 Sep 2014, 18:47

Hi Desteni's,
My name is Aemelie. I came to Desteni, because a friend told me, your wealth of knowledge about the human body is greater than the knowledge of current medicine.

When I was eleven years old, my father died and shortly afterwards I had a serious car accident in which I was seriously injured especially at the skull. For one, I still suffer from headaches and tenseness in the neck and shoulder, which sometimes even leads to migraine, on the other hand I have probably suffered traumas from both experiences.
Until recently I was not aware about me having a trauma, but then I came across a book by Peter A. Levine on trauma healing. The described therein trauma symptoms are consistent with my emotional state.

• nightmares
• initiating and maintaining sleep
• inner restlessness and nervousness
• Increased startle
• Increased alertness ("Hab-eight-position")
• Increased irritability
• inability to grasp the experience into words and tell a coherent story
• Utter or partial loss of memories of the event
• Unexplained physical symptoms and impairments (eg. B. weakness in the limbs, feeling of tightness in the chest or throat, pain)
• Concentration and memory problems
• avoidance of stimuli reminiscent of the trauma (eg. Example, certain places, activities, key words, thoughts, TV shows, etc.)
• Internal apathy and emptiness or emotional numbness (feeling excessive unconcern)
• Loss of interest
• Social withdrawal
• dejection and depression and suicidal thoughts
• in some: Dissoziationserleben (feel strange to see from a bird's perspective, "drift")

Do you know how I can get rid of the headache and the traumas?
Thank you for your assistance in advance.

All the best,

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Re: trauma healing

Postby Marlen » 18 Sep 2014, 18:41

Hi Aemelie/Anja

Cool you found this forum. With regards to knowledge of the human body it is more so that we work with understanding how our mind functions within/as the human physical body. Therefore we don't claim knowing more than current medicine.

What we do here at the forum is that we write and share our writings of self-supportive tools that one can apply to become directive in one's life, such as learning how to stop fearing, how to stop limiting ourselves in our day to day lives and so develop self-supportive tools which consist of writing, applying self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements, which you can read around here in all the blogs shared.

In terms of trauma and the physical consequences thereof, you definitely have to resort to a medical practitioner/professional.

Therefore what you can do is develop a process of self support to, for example, work with the emotions you're experiencing such as loss of interest, social withdrawal, depression, irritability - these are emotions we do work with. However there's a complete different scenario when you have gone through a particular traumatic experience or if you are already in some kind of medication and these have emerged as secondary effects - so if you can share more about yourself, your experience, then it will be easier to get to know when exactly you experience this, how, how long, in which situations, etc.

So, in terms of your headaches - best to get yourself properly assessed by a medical professional. About the traumas, you can work with it by using the tools we apply here, so my most immediate suggestion is to read the blogs here on the 7 Year Journey to Lifethread for example.

I would also suggest you try out the DIP Lite Free Online Coursewherein you learn - step by step - how to develop these self-support tools.

So, make yourself comfortable by reading through what is shared here in this forum. In this, I do emphasize that we do not claim any medical expertise on post-traumatic experiencdes, therefore it is suggested you support yourself with the tools shared here along with a continued process of medical assessment.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy sharing yourself

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Re: trauma healing

Postby Carrie » 19 Sep 2014, 04:17

Hey Aemelie. Welcome to the forum.

I totally agree with what Marlen wrote.

I have also had traumatic experiences in my past and see that the Desteni tools are quite effective with assisting oneself to stop being influenced by the memories of the experiences - as well as the beliefs and emotions that we have connected to the traumatic events.

The DIP Lite course that Marlen suggested will get you started with this process. In the meantime, we're here to support if you'd like to share specific points coming up that you're looking at sorting out.

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Re: trauma healing

Postby tormod » 22 Sep 2014, 13:36

Hi Aemelie/Anja !

Welcome to desteni ! Glad you made it !

I to have suffered from various traumatic experiences during my childhood and being young.

I definitely agree with what Marlen wrote here. The desteni lite process is a cool way to start learning self and how to utilize self forgiveness and self corrections.

Enjoy desteni!

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Re: trauma healing

Postby sylvia » 23 Sep 2014, 08:18

Welcome to the forum Anja! And cool you are ready to take on the things in life that do bother or limit you at the moment. It's always best to get to know yourself, to understand and see what moves you in life, while you start any physical process within regular or alternative medicine. So DIP Lite is for sure the best place to start such a journey.

I'm walking quite an extensive path with my daughter within the medical world and I'm really grateful for being able to see: what made us come to certain conclusions, why did we leave certain medical paths to find others and how we were able to stick to common sense in most cases. So yes I would suggest, as said before, to walk both the medical path and the Desteni path at the same time, covering all areas to get yourself back at a point that makes it possible to actively participate in this world again.

See you around Anja!

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Re: trauma healing

Postby Kristina » 25 Sep 2014, 01:57

Cool you are open to Desteni and the tools shared/provided in order to find solutions in your life - especially in relation to getting to know and what's going on with our physical bodies. I wanted to add same points that have already been mentioned, so instead - welcome, cool to have you here! Oh, and ask questions, we are here to support!

**After the initial posting in this thread, I went to check out some new EQAFE interviews, and one of the newest today is from the Atlanteans called, Can't Let Go: Traumatic Memories part 232 the description provided is:

What is it about emotional or traumatic memories that can make the process of releasing yourself from the hold they have over you more challenging than other memories?
What dimensions of self definition exist within emotional & traumatic memories that can influence you to not want to release yourself from them?
Where does the practical application process start to assist and support you to begin releasing yourself from the hold that these memories can have over you?

So you may find support within this interview as well. Okay, enjoy!

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Re: trauma healing

Postby sandymac » 25 Sep 2014, 14:29

Hi Anja, welcome to the forum!

I agree with what has been shared here and will simply add; as one walks the process of facing oneself as the mind (thoughts, emotions, memories) and you begin reacting less/stop participating in reactions, this in turn reduces the physical body's response with symptoms. So, along with your practical physical support from the medical community, your physical and mental health will improve.

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Re: trauma healing

Postby Matti Freeman » 12 Oct 2014, 11:30

Hello Anja,

Yes to answer your question, you can study what we are applying here, which you can find in the material available through the articles page, and through the free Desteni I Process Lite course.

Your mind as your thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories -- was formed through what you accepted and allowed in many moments of breath within the events you've experienced --- moments of reaction, of interpretation, of forming ideas, definitions --- over time, in many breaths, you designed and installed your personality / characters that you experience to be 'you'. These characters and personalities you experience as the thoughts, inner conversations, and positive and negative experiences that are triggered in relation to specific physical scenarios / moments you face day to day.

What you've become as these characters / personalities / positive and negative experiences that you've designed yourself as -- is installed in the physical body and thus has an effect in the physical body. You put these experiences in yourself -- even though you were not aware you were doing so.

So -- no amount of knowledge can function as a medicine or therapy to stop what you experience or release you from trauma. You'll have to get to the origins of your traumas as the information / memories / moments that shaped your reactions which shaped the Formation of what you've become as your Mind / Personalities / Characters -- so that you can then walk a process of specific Self Forgiveness to release yourself from the inFormation that is causing the dysfunction you experience

The Desteni I Process Lite and Pro courses assist with this process and it will take years to completely deconstruct the dysfunctions and realign yourself in your physical body.

I suggest reading through all articles on the Desteni website, and studying the Journey to Life blogs to see what we are applying here to assist and support ourselves.

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Re: trauma healing

Postby Aemelie » 13 Oct 2014, 13:50

Dear all,

thanks for so many replies and recommendations.
I consider doing the the Desteni I Process Lite and Pro courses to work with my trauma.
But the daily tentions in the neck and the headaches, wich I have in different severities, is something what I would like to ridd off now. Seven years is a long time and I hoped to find something which can help quicker. I am consulting very good doctors allready, who are helping me a lot, but there must be more I can do now!?
Don't you think?

All the best,

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Re: trauma healing

Postby christine » 14 Oct 2014, 06:07

Dear Anja,

Cool that you are here and yes I agree with what has been shared. Also, good to know that you are already receiving medical attention. So, what exactly is their diagnosis and treatment plan for you?

Have you investigated going to see a chiropractor, or an upper cervical chiropractor, who specializes in atlas adjustment?

Here is a link that may prove beneficial...

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