trauma healing

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Re: trauma healing

Postby Anna » 14 Oct 2014, 07:31

Dear all,

thanks for so many replies and recommendations.
I consider doing the the Desteni I Process Lite and Pro courses to work with my trauma.
But the daily tentions in the neck and the headaches, wich I have in different severities, is something what I would like to ridd off now. Seven years is a long time and I hoped to find something which can help quicker. I am consulting very good doctors allready, who are helping me a lot, but there must be more I can do now!?
Don't you think?

All the best,
A point to consider is that on this forum we're not medical professionals, so we can't really say what the best treatment plan is for you or how to get rid of your pain. What we can do is to assist and support you as we've supported ourselves to for example look at the deeper-dimensions of pain/physical ailment, in terms of how we on a mental level also affect the way the body is experienced/reacts. So as Christine said, suggest to do more research for yourself online if you'd like more alternative treatment options. Though here we're working with long-term solutions, which has to do with stabilizing yourself 'on the inside' as well as on the outside, which takes a process because we've lived our entire life basically compromising the body and ourselves while being preoccupied in the mind. So it's important to be patient and consistent as you apply the tools.

Something you can start with from a Desteni perspective, is to work with (through writing/speaking self-forgiveness) how you deal with/experience the pain on a daily basis. This will not necessarily 'remove' the pain, but through working with the point you can change the way you see/experience the pain, for example from being something annoying you just want to get rid of, to something that you accept as being here where you focus more on the solution instead of the problem. Because what also tends to happen is that when we react to what goes on in our bodies, we actually compound the experiences even more, which is why its so important to be stable 'on the inside' so that one can focus one's attention on allowing the body to heal, where one isn't rushing it to get it over with, but walks with the body in self-support and care.

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Re: trauma healing

Postby Aemelie » 31 Dec 2014, 14:50

Dear Christine,

First of all, sorry for answering your message so late!
Thank you very much for your advice.
I am seeing atlas-therapists and osteopaths since I had the accindent. I am very lucky, that I always had good doctors!
But still I am not cured, the pain is always coming back after short time...

The special therapie your link is about is new to me and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks again and a happy New Year!

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