Hello Desteni Team

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Re: Hello Desteni Team

Postby sandymac » 28 Oct 2014, 02:25

Welcome Susso

'What I don't see, is how sharing this 'information' would be helpful to the Desteni community.' It is not so much that such information would be 'helpful' or about 'needing to know' it is simply a sharing unconditionally, if you feel comfortable. This is something I have been learning about lately, as I walk my process through Dip Pro. To share/speak/give with no expectations or projections. I have often experienced regret, worry, embarrassment, self-doubt, self-judgement around sharing (before and after) instead of slowing down and considering exactly what I want to say/share and then giving freely. Then the other/s can take it or leave it, it is really not up to me to determine/guess/project onto them how they will receive the information I shared. Often, my assumptions I find were wrong. It is difficult to analyze/guess how something will be used/received and may change a persons life/give them a new perspective/open up a new point about themselves. So just to consider. Cool you are here!

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Re: Hello Desteni Team

Postby Cathy » 28 Oct 2014, 05:31

I see the connection, I needed to find, that brought me here.
Welcome Susso!

It's always great to hear the connections of others that first introduced them to Desteni. Thanks for sharing how you came to be here!

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Re: Hello Desteni Team

Postby tormod » 28 Oct 2014, 22:16

Hi Susso !

Cool that you are here !

Interesting with The Beatles.
I would love to hear more on that - see you around !!

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Re: Hello Desteni Team

Postby Jeanne » 29 Oct 2014, 03:04

Glad to see you here, Susso!
In second grade my ambition was to become the first 'female' Beatle ( I used to say 'Lady Beatle' in my mind.)
When they first came to the USA I read that the fans (the screaming girls) were paid to go to the airport – that the 'hysteria' thingy was orchestrated. Is that true? Within weeks girls were crying and screaming around the country. It was unreal. lol.

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