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Re: Introduction.

Post by Kristina »

Another welcome here, Iona - cool to have you here and very cool you are walking the DIP lite course. Bring on the questions or any considerations/realizations you've had since starting your process.

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Re: Introduction.

Post by Terrone28 »

Hi there! Welcome to this forum. Hope to enjoy your posting here.

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Re: Introduction.

Post by ionaWilliams »

Hi and thanks again to everyone, I am trying to come on here, but I have sort of froze and got caught up in 'Christmas', trying to buy presents, but will sure be back to ask questions!

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Re: Introduction.

Post by sylvia »

Cool Iona, see you in the New Year!

PS: whenever you get sort of frozen, please share right away. When you speak it or write it, things become more clear then letting it wander in the dungeons of your mind. Then you get for sure the snow ball effect and things get harder to overcome. Just know we're here to support and assist you Iona.

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Re: Introduction.

Post by sandymac »

Hey Iona, welcome here :)

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