introducing myself

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Michael D
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introducing myself

Post by Michael D »

Hi my name is Michael.
Thankyou for having me. I have been reading the Desteni material since about late 2008 and my first encounter with Desteni came from a youtube video of Sunette while researching peoples perspectives on the Reptilians other than David Icke's. I participated on the forum somewhat starting in 2008 up until the restructuring. I log on to the desteni website just about everyday and have read every article on the list of articles at the top of the web page as well as most of the videos from the early days of celebrity crossovers, inanimate objects, anu and the like, and meny meny more. I am 47 years of age and work construction for a living. I am here becouse I like being "here" and i wont to participate in the best manner that i can. I think destini is the best possible solution which is cool because in turn i become the best possible solution.
About year and a half ago in my garage while doing self forgiveness out loud something of an awareness came over me and much heavyness was lifted. At that point it became easier to just walk and breath, be the directive principal. Self discovery was coming easier as well as the words from my mouth. I mean it was way cool. Work became easier with a focus that was fun and effortless. It was the greatest two weeks of my life. Yup, two weeks. Just when i thought the "thief in the night" came the light turned on and I timed looped. A year and a half later im just getting to the point were i can start again. This time i will follow up with the desteni lite and see if i cant make another go of it. Thankyou, Michael.

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Re: introducing myself

Post by sylvia »

Hi Michael welcome back to the forum. Cool to hear that you are applying the Desteni tools already for many years. You can share your own writings in the Writing Yourself to Freedom section or the Self-Forgivenesssection.

I definitely suggest you walk the entire DIP Lite course to give yourself a solid start.

Are you already familiar with Eqafe where we have many new recordings? We also recently launched the Self & Living website which contains videos where Sunette explains the most common subjects we walk throughout life in an accessible way.

Here are our forum guidelines in case you haven't read them yet.

Looking forward to read more of you Michael!

See you around.

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Leila »

Hey Michael - welcome back to the forum.

Cool feedback on the moment in your garage; enjoy the forum!

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Eleonora »

Hi Michael,
thanks for sharing your experience on the forum.
Cool to have you here and looking forward to reading more of your writings.

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Re: introducing myself

Post by CerisePoolman »


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Re: introducing myself

Post by christine »

Hi Michael -

Welcome back! Very cool that you realized your time loop. And yes, all of us face resistance in our processes...I agree would be cool to participate in DIP Lite...Look forward to reading more of you...

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Marlen »

Hi Michael, glad to see you back and that you are giving yourself another opportunity to continue seeing the benefits of walking this process and also I liked what you say on becoming the best possible solution in turn, which is precisely the motivation point to be here as well, it is about ourselves becoming the solution in this world indeed.

Thanks for sharing how it's been for you throughout the years, and enjoy continuing to walk with us all here


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Re: introducing myself

Post by Anna »

Hi Michael - enjoy the forum, glad to have you here!

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Maite »

Hi Michael - thank you for sharing the process you've walked thus far and glad to see you're giving yourself another chance - I would say it's not about how many times we give up - but about whether we stand up again - welcome back to the forum.

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Cathy »

Welcome back Michael! Enjoy DIP Lite!

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