introducing myself

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Re: introducing myself

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Greetings Michael! :D
Nice to meet you here.

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Marlen »

Hi Michael,

In case you don't receive your email for the following assignment, you can always log into your account and check which one is your next assignment by clicking on Syllabus at the top and thus accessing your next step in the course.

You can also check your junk mail in case the notification ended up there and not in your inbox - else, as a rule, you are always able to continue your course, your buddy has approved your last feedback, therefore you should be able to continue as usual.

For any other inquiries on DIP Lite course, please write directly to [email protected]


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Re: introducing myself

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Gian »

Welcome Micheal D

thanks for the introduction. my hello is a bot late but no problem.
enjoy the DIP lite, walk it through.

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Re: introducing myself

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Re: introducing myself

Post by addseo1118 »

I am new here.
Thanks for welcoming me will.
I have enjoyed with your posts. :D

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Re: introducing myself

Post by Kristina »

Hi addseo, welcome to the forums. Cool you have been looking around and getting familiar with other's writing here. Since this is already an intro thread, I will share what Sylvia has posted in relation to newcomers:
sylvia wrote:You can share your own writings in the Writing Yourself to Freedom section or the Self-Forgivenesssection.

I definitely suggest you walk the entire DIP Lite course to give yourself a solid start.

Are you already familiar with Eqafe where we have many new recordings? We also recently launched the Self & Living website which contains videos where Sunette explains the most common subjects we walk throughout life in an accessible way.

Here are our forum guidelines in case you haven't read them yet.
Otherwise, if you have any questions, let us know. And you can also open your own introductory thread and tell us more about yourself, like what brought you to the forums.

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