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Hi there

Post by Floris »


I just decided starting with the Destini Light Course. A good day to start because the weather is very depressing today.

But the trigger that led me into starting with the Light Course was twofold:
-reading Dutch blogposts from Kim Amourette, particularly ones about programming, fear and the desire for relationships;
-watching and reading a lot about Michel Houellebecq's "Whatever" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0211359/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1, which moved me a lot (book is shipped tomorrow...when I get my first assignment).

The lack of affection in my life, being single for very long is a problem I think about daily and I have been struggling with it a great deal at times. I see lies everywhere in our society, also in those single coaches who promise to solve it and "find my mate within a year", where I only see a gigantic lottery with fewer and fewer winners and a growing army of losers. I want to find out the real truth and see what I can do that might help beyond the many things I already tried in vain.

I wonder if I can be happy without a girlfriend or is my life miserably incomplete and failed and should I therefore struggle to find what I desire until I die? The search for happiness itself is also something I question. I hope to find some answers.

Also, I have started to view the world differently after losing my job. It put a lot of things in perspective for me and has triggered me to live more consciously and to think of a solution to never have to do another dead end office job in Information Technology. For the time being I have less worries about money but the sadness from the almost endless amount of meaningless jobs has come more into focus at times. There you have it, the two main domains of struggle, love and work.

I am currently working on this project:
in my own tempo but I hope that it will not suffer from my Destini Light Course, nor that my Destini Light Course will suffer from the project.

That's a lot of references, sorry but that sums up what's on my mind.


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Re: Hi there

Post by Marlen »

Hey Floris

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing your detailed introduction, it's always great to read how people like you can decide to support themselves and I hear you when it comes to relationships and the general sense of loneliness, which as you walk your DIP Lite course you'll be able to work with and so eventually see how you can assist yourself to walk through this perceived lack of affection in your life. Many times we seek for answers outside of ourselves, when in fact they are within us, we just have to learn how to look at them within ourselves and so assist ourselves to live the solutions to our own 'problems' which are self created and so, here with the Self Support Tools we've learned how to assist us to see that the truth is what we have become and what we've made of this world as well, so it is in fact the right place for you to see what you can do to support you and so eventually, assist others to do the same, that's what we are all here for.

IT IS so that lack of money and having to 'have a job' to be secured in this world have turned into a plethora of meaningless jobs that don't support us, so, as we walk and also promote solutions for this problem, we can begin working with ourselves and so create a point of stability no matter 'what we do' or what job we have. These are times of great changes in ourselves and outside in our world, and I find this group of people, tools and forum the most supportive place to start getting to see 'the answers' within us, and with each other's walking-experience of this process of self-honesty.

So, hereby I welcome you to this forum and I'm almost sure that through reading what is shared here, asking about what is shared, sharing your own writings and continuing your DIP Lite course, you'll start to see a bit more of clarity once that you start identifying how we cloud our minds with emotions and feelings as well.

And it would be very awesome if someday you could create a project like that which could exemplify some of the processes and exercises you'll walk in DIP Lite, games are a great way to teach ourselves and kids alike, so, definitely looking forward to your feedback on this forum, DIP Lite and your experience within it.

Enjoy! and glad to meet you


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Re: Hi there

Post by Eleonora »

hei Floris,
welcome to the forum and thanks for telling us a bit of your story and what brought you here.

This is a cool place to redefine the things that are holding us back and share with others the solutions we find along the way to becoming self reliant. The desire for a relationship in my view is a 'system design', through that and the void created by the belief that 'we are missing out' can create, many things can be manufactured -and sold to us- to attempt to fill the gap.

I once lived on a tropical island, not working and smoking pot - until I found a video from a guy from this group - asking the question 'are you living yr dreams or someone else's dreams?' and he put forward the example of living on a tropical island, not working and smoking pot... lol

I left the island not long after :)

So, cool to have you here questioning 'your dreams and desires', will certainly enjoy reading you around - and cool game, send us a copy when it's done ;)

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Re: Hi there

Post by Maite »

Hi Floris,

Welcome to the forum. Great to hear that you signed up for the DIP Lite course - it will give you all the tools you need to take on any point within your life. In case you haven't seen these yet, there is a video series on Relationships that covers many of the points you're experiencing - you can find the ones that have been published thus far here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... 9gXT8JnhbE.

You said you're reading Kim's Dutch posts - are you from Belgium or the Netherlands? I'm from Belgium.

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Re: Hi there

Post by Carrie »

Hey Floris! Welcome to the forum. :)

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Re: Hi there

Post by AnthonyF »

Hi Floris. Cool to have you here :) Thanks and welcome! DIP Lite is amazing - enjoy!

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Re: Hi there

Post by Cathy »

Welcome Floris! Thanks for sharing and Enjoy yourself as you begin Dip Lite!

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Re: Hi there

Post by tormod »

Hi Floris

Welcome to desteni forum

I want to share with you this cool video, of our old friend Bernard Poolman, on happiness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku2-nra_l10


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Re: Hi there

Post by Michelle »

Hi Floris! Welcome here :)

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Re: Hi there

Post by Andrew »

Hi Floris, nice to meet you. I can relate to your point about 'meaningless jobs' its interesting that even with jobs where we are doing something that we enjoy, that it can still become meaningless. Its like we have even managed to take the fun out of fun in this world - lol, I work as an artist and even within this there is a degree of mechanization that is necessary in our capitalistic system to make something like doing art possible, and so I can see how this could potentially take the fun out of something that is supposed to embody this quality.

And that is why we are here as this group. To stand together and get this ship of life steered back into the right direction so to speak.


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