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Re: Hi there

Posted: 05 Jun 2015, 08:35
by Anna
Hi Floris.

Welcome here!

Re: Hi there

Posted: 05 Jun 2015, 17:58
by Bella
hi Floris, thanks for sharing

Re: Hi there

Posted: 08 Jun 2015, 21:04
by Kim S
Hi Floris!

Thank you for sharing

Re: Hi there

Posted: 11 Jun 2015, 06:32
by Kristina
Hey Floris,

Very cool introduction, and based on what you've shared, you are definitely in the right place. Also awesome to hear you are walking DIP lite, as it's the best way to get you on your way in finding your truth, your self-honesty, and your direction within life. Enjoy!

Re: Hi there

Posted: 12 Jun 2015, 18:05
by Gian
Hi Floris.

Welcome to the Desteni forums. Here you will definitely answer a lot of the questions you have for yourself through going through all the material on the forum.

Thanks for the great intro.

Re: Hi there

Posted: 12 Jun 2015, 19:47
by Jeanne
Hi Floris,

Thanks for the introduction! Yes, as others here have said, you'll find we are all in the same "boat" as you have described so please ask questions and ask for assistance if needed because it is more than likely that someone is here who has faced the same challenge one might assume is unique to only ourselves.


Re: Hi there

Posted: 13 Jun 2015, 18:56
by Miranda de Haas
Hi Floris,

Good to see you here! Enjoy


Re: Hi there

Posted: 14 Jun 2015, 04:27
by Garbrielle
Hi Floris,

Welcome to the forum, great to read you joined the desteni i process lite course, this will surely support you with the tools to direct yourself to find meaning in your life based not on the external of this world, but who you are within and how you live. Enjoy the process and we are here to support with anything that comes up, thanks.


Re: Hi there

Posted: 15 Jun 2015, 00:06
by viktor
Hi Floris and welcome,

For myself, I've been walking a long process to come to peace with the fact that currently, there exists very, very few enjoyable jobs – and consequently only a handful can attain jobs that they are truly happy with. Hence, I've understood that the process of working is at the moment something that I do to earn money, to sustain myself, so that I can walk my process of birthing myself as life from the physical – as such I chose to study, and work in a field that I have no particular passion or desire towards – and yet – the fascinating thing is that I can enjoy myself within it. The reason being that I enjoy MYSELF – and that is really the key in anything we take on – it's our relationship with ourselves that determine everything – and when that point is sorted it really doesn't matter what job we have.

So, as you continue to walk your process – you'll as well start to see that a job is a job – there for the purpose of money – and it's neither good, bad, boring, or joyous – it's a job – currently a practical and necessary part of your life on this earth. Though obviously, we can in time change these things, so that we don't have to give our lives to meaningless jobs only for us to survive.

Re: Hi there

Posted: 16 Jun 2015, 15:50
by kim amourette
Hi Floris,

welcome to the forum and cool you decided to introduce yourself and your first steps into your process of self-support! :)
It is great to hear that you found my blogs supportive and I hope to be reading yours one day ;)

Cheers, Kim