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Re: hello!

Post by Kristina »

Hi Natalia - very cool you decided to participate on the forum again! And through consistent application (breathing, writing, self-forgiveness, self-commitment, and the practical changing) slowly but surely you will begin to trust yourself. So for now - walk your process for you, share what you are comfortable with, ask if you require assistance, and enjoy yourself.

See you around!

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Re: hello!

Post by Garbrielle »

Hi Natalia, welcome to the forum. Enjoy and let us know if anything is unclear, we will do our best to support :)

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Re: hello!

Post by viktor »

Nice to have you back Natalia – Welcome!

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Re: hello!

Post by Leila »

Hey Natalia, welcome back to the forum!!

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Re: hello!

Post by tormod »

Hi Natalia

Welcome back to desteni

enjoy !

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Re: hello!

Post by Kim S »

Hi Natalia!

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