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Posted: 16 Aug 2015, 22:50
by Vitan
Hi, my name is Vitan and I am here transcending myself.

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Posted: 17 Aug 2015, 00:24
by barbara
Hi Vitan,

Welcome to the forum, very cool you are intending to transcend yourself :)

I see this is your first post, so if you haven't yet checked out the forum guidelines check them out to get up to speed on how this forum is regulated.

There is a free course for beginners I suggest to check out called DIP-Lite, where the material goes over the basics of this process with Buddy support we walk here in desteni.

There is also some cool support on the eqafe site where thousands of new video material has been shared on all sorts of subjects similar to the youtube videos.

Any further questions or perspectives needed, open a thread and we'll all do our best to assist.



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Posted: 17 Aug 2015, 00:39
by tormod
Hi Vitan

Welcome here !

It would be cool if you could tell us a little more about yourself and how you discover desteni ?

Looking forward to read more from you.


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Posted: 17 Aug 2015, 00:59
by AnthonyF
Nice to meet you Vitan!

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Posted: 17 Aug 2015, 02:32
by Garbrielle
Hi Vitan, welcome and enjoy the avenues of desteni!

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Posted: 17 Aug 2015, 13:32
by Anna
Hi Vitan.


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Posted: 17 Aug 2015, 16:13
by Kim S
Hi Vitan,

Tell us about yourself!

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Posted: 20 Aug 2015, 04:58
by nuno
Hi Vitan. Welcome. (I will take this opportunity [vitan's post] to make my introduction, I seem to be failing in sending my own introduction post). For me, be here in the forum, it's already a self honesty act (and also, courage). Unfortunately my English (language) is not so good for all I want/wanted to share and participate in/within here (I'm portuguese). Anyway, here we are. Hi everyone:)

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Posted: 20 Aug 2015, 05:18
by Kristina
Hi Vitan - cool you are here!

And hello nunno - you can click this link HERE, and under the title "Introduce Yourself" that is on the upper left hand side of the page, you will see in red letters, "New Topic" - click on that and a text box will appear for you to create a new intro post. Then simply click on 'submit' when you are done. Any questions - let us know, otherwise welcome!

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Posted: 20 Aug 2015, 17:11
by Marlen
Hello Vitan, welcome back

Hi Nuno, enjoy participating in the forum and do let us know more about yourself - thanks and enjoy