Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin

Postby meyeral » 20 Oct 2015, 08:26

Dear All

I wanted to start a topic of conversation on Vladimir Putin as I would be interested to hear view points on his where his process is taking him at the moment, as their has been so much in the press about him going up against the USA and taking himself away from the whole world order process and standing alone. Do you think he has his own Agenda? would love to hear peoples opinions.

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Re: Vladimir Putin

Postby Kristina » 22 Oct 2015, 05:02

Hi Meyeral - welcome to the forum.

Since this is your first post, just a reminder to check out the Forum Guidelines to get a look at what this forum is about.

Also - since you are posting in the 'introduce yourself' part of the forum, would be great to learn more about you - what brought you to the forum, how you heard about Desteni, also any questions you may have about the process or specific points you are facing.

If you haven't yet heard about DIP Lite, I would suggest to check it out and walk the course, as it's a great 'intro' to the process here, and the tools to implement in one's life, and of course, it's Free!

And then regarding your question about Putin - as I am not so much familiar with him, or his politics to speak on such a point, I would say simply he's a human being just like everyone else, and so too walking his process of facing the mind just like everyone else. His reasons and starting points for decisions or directions he takes in such a position he is in, is his point of self-honesty to face. We can't at the moment know why one is the way they are, or why they do the things they do - that is within them - though what we do know, and can get to know, and get to understand is ourselves and WHY we are the way we are; why we make the decisions we do, why we act and say things we do. So while it's cool to get to know people of this world, I would say getting to know, and understanding our own process, to be of utmost importance and value. So check to see if there are any fears or concerns in your questions about Putin, any distractions taking place, keeping you from learning (getting to know) you.

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Re: Vladimir Putin

Postby viktor » 30 Oct 2015, 22:38

Welcome Meyeral!

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Re: Vladimir Putin

Postby tormod » 31 Oct 2015, 16:36

Welcome to desteni forum Meyeral

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