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Re: Hello

Post by barbara »

Awesome Robert!!

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Re: Hello

Post by Carlton »

Hello Robert


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kim amourette
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Re: Hello

Post by kim amourette »

Hey Robert,

welcome to the forum :)
glad to hear you found support to get through your addiction.


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Re: Hello

Post by tormod »

Hi Robert

Welcome here.

I to have had quite some addiction to struggle with, don't be afraid to reach out.
Here is my facebook url: https://www.facebook.com/tormod.hvidstengjedrem

enjoy !

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Re: Hello

Post by viktor »

Hi John! Welcome!

Matti Freeman
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Re: Hello

Post by Matti Freeman »

Welcome Robert, cool to see you taking that tough first step of deciding to assist and support yourself to change -- I guarantee that there are MANY among us here who have walked / are walking through the SAME addiction points.


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Re: Hello

Post by Gian »

Hi Robert
I am a Bit late saying HI, but we are all still here. Glad you are doing DIP LIte and helping yourself with your addiction.

hope to see you around more.

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