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jonathan solorio
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Jonathan Solorio

Postby jonathan solorio » 03 Nov 2016, 05:38

Hmm, hello.
Introducing myself here feels like stepping into a house I was invited to for some get together but I wasn't sure if I was going to show up (anxiety, fears, commitment issues, you know),
but hey I finally did show up.. hooray!

My name is Jonathan.
I am here for myself, to read, poke around and ask questions.. and walk my process.. thankfully.
My plan here is to establish a simple, honest, great starting point with my self for understanding you all and the material you create and share.
Now for the stuff on my driver's license! I'm a tall, white, 25th year human with a penis.. I live in Montana, USA.. I work in a deli at the moment.
I wish I could post my interview on my self through the portal here so that I didn't have to think about how to introduce myself right now, lol.
I found Desteni around 2008-2009 and it changed everything for me really quickly.. I didn't handle it properly, responsibly, or intelligently.
I took it in like it was the glory of hellfire and arrogantly used what I found here in some mistaken, wild experiment of living.
I don't care to bullshit or make friends really at this time in my life because my main interest is in sorting out some serious shit and being effective in my life. I feel careful coming back to walking my process here because I think I was dishonest, headstrong, immature, naive, and impulsive last time .. so I am on the lookout for how much of my own mind is "getting in my way".. I want to be as aware of how i'm interpreting what I read and hear to bring out the bullshit going on inside me, and to see if what i'm getting is actually what is being shared or if it is just me.

I appreciate you all for your stance you've taken.
Your courage and strength is admirable and I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from each of you in this life.
I hope this all still counts as introduction, I feel it says something about me. See you around.

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Luc St-Amand
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Re: Jonathan Solorio

Postby Luc St-Amand » 03 Nov 2016, 13:39

Welcome Jonathan.

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Re: Jonathan Solorio

Postby Marlen » 03 Nov 2016, 17:37

Hey Jonathan! Great to yes, 'finally' see you here

I have to say I had pondered before why you hadn't come to share more in forums and stuff like that, so I'm glad you have taken that decision to walk through the resistances - fears and the rest of it - and come here to share yourself, ask questions and generally interact around here.

It also takes courage to be able to look back from the initial stance or relationship created to Desteni/material etc. and stand corrected towards it to where you are right now, so thanks for sharing that context and definitely looking forward to reading more from you here.

Enjoy and thanks for walking with!

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Re: Jonathan Solorio

Postby Carlton » 04 Nov 2016, 01:05

Welcome Jonathan, hope to see you around.

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Re: Jonathan Solorio

Postby Anna » 04 Nov 2016, 09:30

Hi Jonathan!!!

lol it is interesting to have somewhat followed your process, because in a way, to me, it is like you've always been here/walked with, albeit on the sidelines, but at the same time like it was just a matter of time before you'd 'jump in'.

Also - everything you said sounds cool, stay humble and on point.

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Re: Jonathan Solorio

Postby Gian » 04 Nov 2016, 18:34

Hey Jonathan.

Welllllll come on in, and we all come together and together we will get out of the well.
great to have you here and for the introduction. looking forward to seeing more of you here, as we are well connected everywhere else already.

move as one breath at a time.

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Re: Jonathan Solorio

Postby Michelle » 05 Nov 2016, 20:54

Hi Jonathan! So nice to have you here!!

Great how straightforward you are with yourself - your resolve to walk process seems stronger.

Looking forward to seeing what develops in you, and with all of us here!

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