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Hello All

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Hello all, welcome to the Introduction to Desteni Forum

Here I share a bit about How I got to Desteni

It happened back in January 2008 while I was researching on the Mayan Calendar and specifically lectures by Ian Xel Lungold wherein I saw an ‘afterlife’ video that caught my attention. Watched the 3 videos of that interview and I realized I had finally found something that could change the entire world as it is currently existent if enough human beings got to know of it. To me it was something great, beyond anything I could’ve imagined and I immediately registered on the forum. I didn’t participate on the Forum until I made sure I had watched enough material as I realized and assumed that the people participating in the forum had already gone through enough material to discuss and have a broad perspective upon it.

Getting to Desteni marked the end of my spiritual ‘crusade’ to find a ‘truth’ that could change my life, while realizing I am the one that must take self responsibility and correct myself to stand as that point of change in this world.

Why Do I Stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality
Because we can no longer accept and allow the world as it is where billions suffer while a few rejoice in money that’s the product of an entire flawed system created and designed to abuse and enslave life. I cannot be completely here satisfied with myself as a human being until all life is equally supported and considered as an Equal part of the whole, as ourselves. This is the principle of Equality that we disregarded for so long in our reality until now.

“Heaven on Earth” is...
Living in a Life-Supportive System where everyone is equally considered and regarded as having the right to live in dignity, where all life is Respected and where all human beings stand as custodians of life itself. The ultimate stability to coexist as equals without any war, suffering, violence, starvation – Heaven on Earth is what the Equal Money System proposes as well as having human beings re-educated with basic principles that consider Equality as Life.

I Have several videos that made a huge impact on me - I suggest watching them and their follow ups in case they're part of a series.

Matrix 1 - The SECRET of Humans

1 Reptilian Benevolence

One11 - Why Am I Here on Earth? - A Long, Long Time Ago .......

PART 1 - The History of Desteni - THE ALMIGHTINESS OF GOD

The Human BODY-- The SECRET to LIFE Revealed Part 4 of 7

Quantum Space and Time - The Universe in a Human Body

HYPNOSIS keep Man Stupid


What is possible on Earth? Can we create Heaven on Earth?

Michael Tsarion Video Response 9 Part Two Free Will - FreeChoice

Without your mind YOU are NOTHING Reptilian God Enki 5

Life after Life--the soul understood

Trees are Aware

Mankind has Disregarded Life - The Future is HERE

One of the points I recognized was cool doing is going through enough material as videos, articles listed on the website before participating in the forum. The FAQ section was the point I would consult whenever I had any doubts regarding to a specific concept that would come up in the videos/articles. Watching Destonian's vlogs and reading their blogs allowed me to see how it is that one practically walk this process - group support is a definitive key for self-change as we realize we are all here walking the same process on Earth to establish LIFE in Equality - within this, we all Stand up for Life.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Re: Hello All

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Thanks for sharing, Marlen.
Equal Money for All
Equal Housing for All
Equal Everything for Everyone
Equality Equality Equality!!!

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