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Hi! I started the DIP Lite course and thought it would be best to also register on this forum to keep myself in track with my process. I'm 26 years old and realized that I haven't wrote down my thoughts in 10 years; in depth, in honesty. It's crazy realizing this after pouring out my thoughts on the lite course in such a short period of time. It's actually scary. It's like turning on the lights and seeing myself chained to a chair. It's best for my well-being to accept that I am controlled by my mind and it's not OK and it's not something to idealize nor embrace or even to bitch about. Being a human being doesn't mean that I have to walk around doing unconscious acts, I want to be aware of them not just conscious...I am speaking these words but with bravery I want to apply the tools to assist myself.

It’s hard to know what makes up a person because the idea of a "person" has no inherent meaning. The definition of a “person” is constructed by the cult-ure we live in. For example, in the West, a “person” is a self of philosophies, reason and intellect. In the East, a person is a self that is illusionary and the cause of human suffering. So, the definition of a person or self comes from different cult-ural viewpoints, but it’s usually up to the human being to interpret the meaning of a "person" based on their subjectivity. But there is no easy access to a "pure" subjectivity behind the identity of a person.

Westerners for example who read texts on Eastern traditions adopted the belief that transcending thoughts or thinking would reveal a “pure” or true self. However, the absence of thinking doesn’t produce a raw or free self, but rather an “otherworldly” foundation known in the after-effects of thinking so…being a “free” self will never be independent from a thought. This is why I am against meditation and psychedelics. They tend to cloud the mind. If I want to understand the mind I need to clearly see what is in front of me....with honesty of course.

There are contextual differences between the reader and Eastern/Western texts because everyone came from different social, cultural, racial, and ethical backgrounds, hence why I don’t think society will ever be content with the definition of a person. So it's really a waste of time to read books like the Bible to gain "knowledge" and to define what a human is. People who do that are controlled by their conditional mind. They selectively read shit. They don't apply anything to themselves. "Well...the Bible say this or that or this of that..." They are zombies.

So yes, it’s impossible to be independent from a thought but it is possible to not be controlled by them. It’s possible to practically approach our thoughts through techniques like writing. Again, I haven’t wrote down my thoughts in 10 years. The last time I truly wrote my feelings down I was in high school going through absolute shit. And I needed...NEEDED to just write it all down. But I "lost" that part of me and ready to gain them back through this course because it's practical.

I've been told that having a personality is meaningful. I am doubting this. Because where did it come from? The Self or society? Why are people idealizing a "personality"?

Anyways I found out about Desteni when I typed "How to invoke an incubus" for sexual purposes because I gave up. I thought it would better to be a slave to an entity than be lost in my mind. But it' the same thing Because demons are projections of the mind. But anyways. I am here. I appreciate what Bernard and many others has started. But BOY the hate that you guys get is unreal.......I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that.

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Re: Mary

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Hi Mary, glad to see you here and doing DIP Lite. I know when I first started DIP Lite, it for me was a bit scary as well, but I pushed myself through it and a few years later, I'm still here walking my process, and all the better for it.

As far as personalities goes, what I realized is that once I acted within a certain personality, the hard part was maintaining it, it was like being stuck acting out a "character" that I really didn't like, but had to keep this "character" going, because now I was this person/personality towards all my friends and if I were to change it, the fear of them not coming around any longer would emerge, so I would say for me, personalities are useless, but through walking DIP Lite and writing as you mentioned, I was able to move passed living out these personalities and chasing after energy experiences and found myself moving forward in my life.

So welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing.


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Re: Mary

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Hi Mary

This is great, to have you here on the Desteni Forums. thanks for the cool intro. I will see you around and enjoy the writing. =)

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Re: Mary

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Hi Mary!!

Awesome to have you here!!

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Re: Mary

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Hey Mary!

Welcome to the forum and great you started already with DIP Lite. I can relate to what you've shared and I can only say, you're here, on the right track to discover more about yourself, your mind, the ways to change, the ways to discover the reality of you that you want to strengthen, live and create and also to continue questioning things and defining for you what you stand for, because that's already quite a start you got here in terms of looking at various things in the world.

I'm really glad your investigations got you to Desteni and glad you were also able to see through all the deceptive criticism around what we do and get straight to testing it out for yourself, way to go there and way to start your own investigation about it.

So, enjoy participating here, share any questions, views, perspectives you go realizing as you go writing yourself. Reading you reminded me of how some people can really completely exist without ever writing thoughts down, now you might be seeing the benefit of doing that in DIP Lite.

Welcome here and looking forward to know more about you and your process


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Re: Mary

Post by Leila »

Hey Mary and welcome to the forum!

Feel free to use the forum as a space to share your writings, looking forward to reading more of you!


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Re: Mary

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If I want to understand the mind I need to clearly see what is in front of me....with honesty of course.

Welcome to the forum and DIP Mary!


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Re: Mary

Post by Michelle »

Hi Mary! Welcome!

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Re: Mary

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Cool. Thanks for sharing your story Mary.

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Re: Mary

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Hi Mary. Real glad that you are here.

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