James's introduction

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James M. Buchan
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James's introduction

Post by James M. Buchan »

Hi, my name's James. Currently 26 years old, from Scotland. And, I feel like I'm just beginning life.

I actually found Desteni when I was 18 years old (2009) and was in process for a couple years until I had a bad break up at that time. Just recently I have slowly been getting more and more interested in Desteni again. I never really applied self-forgiveness, didn't seem to work for me back then, nor did the ''interdimensional'' aspect of Desteni really interest me because it was nothing I could prove to myself. But, the self-honesty, self-analytical, psychology aspect of Desteni really intrigued me and was something I could apply and test and prove for myself. This is why I am here, to understand the mind, the self, who I am, who I am not, how all of this functions, etc.

I have struggled with addictions for many years now. Primarily porn, masturbation and alcohol. I have begun dealing with this and delving into my own psychology to understand the why's and the how's. I started a recovery journal on a porn recovery website called ''NoFap'' nearly three weeks ago where I try to be as open, honest and raw about what I am experiencing and how I'm dealing with it. If you're interested, feel free to have a look here - https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?t ... ode.91302/

If there is somewhere here I can post about addiction related content or help in regards to overcoming addiction, that would be cool. I hope to begin Vlogging at some point, maybe when I feel a little bit more confident lol.

Any advice or suggestions on where to start here in my process would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: James's introduction

Post by Carlton »

Hello James, Welcome to the forum glad to see you here. My suggestion would be, if you haven't already, to start the DIP Lite Free online course that's offered here.

Thanks for sharing.


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Re: James's introduction

Post by Gian »

Good day James.

welcome back I suppose. it has been a long time since you have know about Desteni.
It would be great to have you here with walking for a long time as well.

I agree with Carlton, start with the DIP lite course, it is Free and online, 10min a day.

and within that start here, search and find topics or sections within the forum that you see you can write about or on, I would suggest starting within the section of writing yourself to freedom.

See you around, cheers

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Re: James's introduction

Post by AnthonyF »

Thanks for sharing, James. Nice to have you here.

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Re: James's introduction

Post by Leila »

Hey James,

There's a category on the forum for addiction here, with some subforums: http://forum.desteni.org/viewforum.php?f=129

There's quite a bit of addiction related videos on the Self&Living channel if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/SelfAndLiv ... =addiction

Welcome back and see you around!

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Kim S
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Re: James's introduction

Post by Kim S »

Hi James

Welcome again! Glad that you came back

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Re: James's introduction

Post by YoganBarrientos »

Hi James. My name is Yogan. Im also 26 years old and also came across desteni material in 2009. I see it as we each have our own points to overcome in order to reach the same mastery of ourselves. I also didn't focus so much on the interdimensional aspects of the portal and i was more interested in what was being said and how it can practically benefit me and others. My primary personality was more quiet and shy. So there were things i had that i wanted to immediately change. You can say that's where process takes on a whole new level.

There is an masturbation series on eqafe. Something like 30+ recordings and it is free the last time i checked. I would include that within your support tools.

Welcome to your challenge!

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Gabriel Aceves
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Re: James's introduction

Post by Gabriel Aceves »

Hi James.


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Re: James's introduction

Post by Garbrielle »

Hi James,

Welcome to the forum, great you are committed to writing, and I appreciate you sharing your journey of what you have walked thus far. The desteni tools has certainly supported me to stop addictions and addictive patterns, so as you go, if you require specific support or have questions as you walk your process, please share and we can all assist.

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Re: James's introduction

Post by viktor »

Hello James!

Cool to have you hear, I know there is a facebook group about quitting porn and masturbation where the Desteni tools and perspectives is applied, that might be cool for you to join.

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