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Re: Mike L here

Postby mikelammers » 07 Aug 2017, 09:22

Well let me just say that eventually it all boils down to me having some form of control over what the world thinks about me. It's the spindoctor within me who want's to manage my image. That's one point the other point is people using this information about myself against me. Well I allr eady did that myself so what's the worsed that can happen? They would stop doing business with me based on me being self honest about my life. That would make it a religious decision from my perspective. I'm getting to old for that shit and I'm willing to accept the consequences if there are any period. It's a decision I made and within that I also decided to be as open as possible over what it is I see, did and am doing now. Otherwise I might as well join some writing club and make stories. That's not why I am on this forum or joined the DIP Lite.

I am here to change so my reality will change like it all ready did. If I keep fearing myself and keep participating in being someone else while doing my job than who is it doing my job? So this is my way of starting a new relationship with the professional me. So within so without!

The Google reference was a bit of sarcasm. Almost no one is interested in people sharing themselves in this way. It's way to confronting and it scares the shit out of people. Like it scared the shit out of me when I came into contact with Desteni. But here is the real deal and nothing but the real deal. So it's the best deal. Who am I to say no!

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Re: Mike L here

Postby Gabriel » 09 Aug 2017, 21:02

lol, cool

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