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Postby mikeydwarrior » 31 Aug 2017, 06:04

Do these repeat for you. 11:11,5:55,4:44,3:33,12:21,12:34,1:44,11:34. they do for me the last few months.Research says something is happening. A couple weeks ago I got a 3:33,4:44 and 5:55 on the same day.It's been a life changing experience I feel like I have been awakened to fix some problems we have here. All signs point me in this direction. I've never been religious or spiritual but something definitely switched me on.Every day is a roller coaster of positive and riding negatively waves. Let me know if you see these numbers. Thank you. Michael

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Re: 11:11

Postby Marlen » 31 Aug 2017, 18:58

Hi Mikey

Welcome to the forum, it would be cool if you share a bit more about how you got here to Desteni as the place to find out about these numbers, just curious about it.

I've had the same that you are describing many years ago, probably 15 or so and I made a huge deal of it because a friend back then told me that these 'serials' have 'meanings' and so of course what I did was actively then being looking at electronic watches or the time in the computer or even the microwave - lol - where I would definitely find these series quite often, and I turned it into a 'huge deal' as if there was something that I was about to 'get into' or 'receive' or 'discover' and sure, there's people in spiritual circles that make a big deal out of it.

But! The reality is that when I found Desteni I realized how it was simply me creating a fixation on numbers to the point where of course I would eventually be there looking at 'the clock' in those exact moments to get a series of numbers... makes you ponder isn't it, we are what we are thinking of constantly? And also has to do with all the ideas I was creating about myself, my life and these numbers as some sort of 'spiritual guidance' or 'spiritual awakening' of sorts.

The reality is that when I found Desteni 9 years ago, I decided to test common sense out, which in this case meant: not focusing on these numbers, not deliberately 'checking the time out' to see if I'd find these numbers - and the truth is that well, it stopped happening that often, because I stopped giving it a 'meaning' or associating it with 'something special' or 'spiritual' in nature.

That's when I came to the realization that I created my own fixation through giving constant attention to numbers, even if it seemed 'random' or 'too precise' and I would surprise myself because of this, I had to also let go of such attention and focus given to numbers by also deciding to understand how any sort of 'spiritual awakening' was more like a movement, a fad that led nowhere - in my experience for a short time in that area of reality.

So, when I discovered Desteni I decided to start applying common sense in my life and focusing on understanding who I am as my mind, walking the process of writing, self forgiveness to start 'deprogramming' myself from anything that was 'happening to me' and that I wasn't apparently 'directly involved in creating,' which included this whole 'seeing numbers' point.

And in that, it faded, stopped happening to me. Even now I can every now and then still see these serials but that's just it, lol, nothing more and nothing else to 'seeing numbers' and there's no attachment to it. So I had to let go of the perceived 'specialness' to them, of seeing them like 'signs' of something coming to my life or 'divine guidance' and whatnot - of course if you are somewhat familiar with Desteni you might be aware of all of that deception going on in new wage/spirituality movements.

So you can start writing out what kind of 'omen' or meanings you are attaching to seeing these numbers and seeing what would happen if you let go from giving your attention to seeing numbers - see what are you associating these numbers with? And instead you can test out who would you be if you no longer attach something of meaning/value to them, who would you be without them? What experience is it 'giving you' to see these numbers?'

In this forum we then assist and support each other to debunk our own beliefs, ideas, perceptions, opinions that in one way or another become an unsubstantial point of focus in our lives. Instead you can focus on seeing what is it that you are believing these numbers are 'giving you' and instead of having a magical thought in relation to it, rather seeing ok how can I create such 'better life' for myself, practically and in a self-directive manner.

I am aware that if you're not that familiar with the Desteni material some of these words might be too vague, so that's how it would be cool to know how familiar you are with Desteni and so what is your intent within participating here in the forum.

You can also check out other topics to see the kind of stuff we share around here so that you get an idea about it.

Enjoy and welcome.

Here's a writing by Anthony on this same point, which you can read through as well http://anthonyfieldjourneytolife.blogsp ... art-2.html

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Re: 11:11

Postby jozsef » 31 Aug 2017, 23:49

Hey Mikey,

I can relate and agree with Marlen - I also had somewhat 'spiritual' times in my life and for a while played with the number like this too. What I noticed is that my mind is a kind of computer, and as within 'modern' computer programming languages, Filters exist, where streams of data is being processed, and also pre-processed with series of Filters. And does not take much to condition/program one of those filters in my mind to pronounce (bubble up with highlights) specific numbers, obviously those what are more rare and I associated meanings with.

Man, how many car plate numbers I've noticed with 666 - almost seemed crazy, but when I saw two consecutive cars riding by me, both having 666 plate number, I was just so over the top, felt like all of my participation within this fruited, as now it's obviously not just constellation, as some random stuff happens, but it's a SIGN. For what, I had no idea, but felt wildly significant in that moment somehow.

And I was great to look at signs outside of me to support me with theories, desires, decisions I was unable to directly confirm, fulfill or choose - but with signs I spent years to 'flow' - to trust - which was also an indication of lack of direct self-trust here with me unconditionally.
Self-trust is not a gift, neither a conviction, but something I birth, nurture, support, grow and live.

Since a while walking Self-forgiveness to decompose those patterns in my mind what make me resist to trust myself - meanwhile really re-evaluating myself on all possible levels to see - which part of me indicates lack of direct self-trust.

I mean it's cool when I see something rare, like a pink pigeon or an albino snow-white African guy, but as I see - it's nothing divine, spiritual or enlightened within being able to notice, or even believing to 'attract' specific numerical constellations, patterns around me.

As me having the profession of computer programmer since quite some time - this just shows how programmable the human's mind can be, which is also just a feature, and to decide is it positive or negative - or any particular experience - I have to relate to decide - and within that relationship I apply - I exist as - thus it's my self-creation in that moment to see who I live as.

In a way it's similar, but still silly - 'especially be attracted to ladies with very curly hair' - I had this for a long time - anyone can make her hair very curly - and I'd still love that? - regardless of how she behaves, lives respect and care - I think it all depends on who I want or accept myself to be. If it's ok for me to prioritize ladies by how they look or handle their hair - if I decide that it is more important than other feats - it's ok - and I am aware of it - although maybe if I am honest with myself - can realize, this feature might not actually matter at all. But I trust myself in that: to decide I will try, and when seeing not working, still trusting myself to say, ok, try another - and this way I direct, I trust self, I move with what I considered.

And actually can work with these numbers - to really check - what 11:11 means on the oven's clock - is that really something - or I just want it to be - I mean beyond the realization that "It's pancake time!" - and still then I created it, then reflected.
In this context, to read online can be somewhat interesting as many claim a lot of things - thus suggested to check myself - with cross-reference, common sense, with facts, etc. Not saying 'scientifically' but 'efficiently'.

For instance if I see a lady driving a car as the same type as my girlfriend's car - I still can feel like 'oooh, want to see my lady' - for a moment, and I am still here, not going into memories, desires, reactions, stuff - especially when driving - just acknowledging a pattern, and deciding to act upon it when possible - or not. Sounds like I mean to be a control-freak with this self-direction - but it's not - it's just always being at point, in presence, moment with consideration.

This way any kind of signs inside or outside can be checked to see if it's relevant or significant, or if I'd want to give my own relevance which then really-really supports me and/or others.

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