Hi ~

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ting chen
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Hi ~

Post by ting chen »

Hi~ test~

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Re: Hi ~

Post by Kristina »

Hi again, Ting...

Welcome to the forums! Awesome you've completed DIP lite and are now interested in the DIP Pro Course. You can read a bit more about it here until the admins respond to your sponsorship request.

I see you've also done 40 days on your blog - nice! How has it been for you?

If you'd like to share more, I'm sure many of us would like to know more about you... when did you come across Desteni and what was is about the Desteni message that stuck out for you? Looking forward to seeing you around!

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Re: Hi ~

Post by Marlen »

Hi Ting! Welcome to the forum, and yep what Kristina said, share more about yourself when you can :)

See you around

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Re: Hi ~

Post by AnthonyF »

Hello Ting!

joe kou
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Re: Hi ~

Post by joe kou »

Hello and welcome, Ting!

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Miranda de Haas
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Re: Hi ~

Post by Miranda de Haas »

Hello Ting, cool to see you here!

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Re: Hi ~

Post by Gian »

Welcome Ting,

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