Intro from Larry Manuela

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Intro from Larry Manuela

Postby larrymanuela » 13 Jun 2011, 22:49

Hi Everyone,
I am Larry Alexander Manuela. Born on November the 4th 1972, on the isalnd of Bonaire in the Carribbean.
As a kid, i would say, i was always trying my best to be the best in what it was i was doing, especially things that were physical in nature, sports that one have to be physical in.
I loved football(Soccer) and was quite good at it to.
From that perspective i was a ''normal'' kid.
When i was like 3 to 4 years old i used to be with my grandmother at the farm and that was a great time because i was close to nature and i loved it i learned a lot during this time, how to work with the ground, when to plant and stuff like that.....people of my island do everything as it come to nature when the moon is full, and all those things did make sense to. They plant, they hack trunks of trees, and fish and harvest, everything when the moon is full.
And one could see the difference to, when for example they cut a peace of trunk of a tree to use it to make a fence if that trunk is cut when the moon is not full it will not last for long.
So i learned a lot about these things then.
My parents were good to me and to all of us,we were three children in the family, i have two sisters also. My parents are still alive and also my two sisters.
At school i was doing o.k. but school didn't interest me that much when i was little, i was more into playing.
It was only when i went to junior college that i started asking questions about the subjects that were given, and i didn;t like the answers.The answers were always diverted to another point in time when ''you go to much higher learning'', that is what the teachers used to say. because they have to keep up with their planning of the whole simester of course.And this made me loose interest in school all together, because i was understanding already what they were saying but wanted to know the ''why'' and the ''how'' about certain things, i always wanted to understand it all from thje ventage point of how it all came to be. And in school they don't go that way.
Then eventually i finished it anyways and i got to go to Holland for further studies, at the time and this was in 1995 i wanted to be a captain of a ship, a sea vessel.And the main reason being because of adventure.In my family, both from my father and mother side, most of their families were man who went to sea, and from those stories when i was a kid i became interesting in all that. But unfortunately i didn't finish this study and changed from that one and did a course instead in building the ships, instead of navigating them and this one i did finish. And i also did a lot of other courses on technical stuffs.
Most of that was purely because of circumstances happening in my life at the time. It was not because i wanted to really do these things, it was because i had to do them in order to get a job.
But from myself i am a guy wholoves to ask questions about life and search for the answers, that is what i really love to do.
Now i was brought up as a child in a Christian home as most people on the island at that time.My mother is and was more into being a good Catholic and stuff, but my dad was and is more down to earth. But during these periods i really never red the bible myself, it was just stories told by those who red it and were always the usual stuff, the usual stories.
It was only at the time that i came here in Holland to study that i started to read the bible myself, because now i was in a country where i could find more books and stuff, i could get more information.And it is during this time that my quest began, not deeply but it started there.
I always had question that were difficult for the ''bible knowers'' and their answers were never satisfied it seem to me that they were missing ''something'', but that ''something'' i myself didn't know what it was. From here on i started investigating my own stuff, because i could look for the answer i was missing, that clearly they didn't have for myself on my own.It was just that something was missing, things didn't at up, things didn't make sense, but what exactly......i did not know at the time.
So i red and i red.......oohhh yes and this started to get more intense, this searching, when i was in jail.This was in 2003 to 2004. The police caught me at the airport with drugs on me, i was transporting drugs at the time into thjis country, i had allot of money problem then and decided then, to take that road.
So they caught me and it was during this time i spend in jail that i started going more deeply into what i always loved to do, which was: ''questioning'' and ''looking for answers''.
In jail i was reading more the book; 'course in miracles,' i let my ex girlfriend brought it to me, because i already had that book at the time.
and so i kept with that even after i got out of jail and i was out, more books and more information started coming in, about a lot of stuff, mostly spiritual, conspiracy, sciences,politics,esoteric stuff and so on..
And in each book i read, or sometimes also articles, there was a sentence maybe or a word that got my attention and from there on i would proceed, trying to find that which is missing in my quest.
There were e few phylosophies and/or people who said some things that i kept closer at that time, and they were:
1) The course in miracles.
2) Ramtha( a channeler)
3) The wingmakers
4) Krishnamurti
''The course in miracles'' teachings were saying some profound things, but it was not clear on how it is and what exactly it was what it is they called: ''everything is an illusion''..???
''Ramtha'' teachings seem to gravitate to much on the mind, it was like the mind is very important, and that didn't made any sense to me, so there were a few profound things said, but it was still missing that ''something'' i was looking for.
''the wingmakers'' teachings were very interesting and had a complete new approach to all i have read before at the time.
''Krishnamurti'' teachings were very deep and profound and was very close to what it was that i was searching for, that ''something'' that was missing.
So i was comparing these four a lot and especially the last two one's. ''wingmakers material'' and ''Krishnamurti''
Now i did hear from the Annunaki before about the Sumerian tablets and stuff, but even that story seem more like not clear and detailed enough. In one of the books of Ramtha he talked a little bit more about them being the creators in existence and stuff, and he mentioning some names and tell the story a little bit and the gold scenario came in.
It was only in the wingmakers teachings that i first hear about Anu not only needed gold, but more so wanted to control that which was greater then himself.
This man didn't say much more about Anu and them, but somehow that one sentence got my attention.
And then in December 2009 i was watching videos on youtube as usual and i saw Sunnette doing what she is doing and i say: lets see what she have to say....?? because at that time i was already used to all kinds of channelings materials and stuff, so what she was doing was not strange to me, it was ''normal''
And the video i watched was about this one sentence that got my attention in the wingmakers material: ''that Anu wanted to control that which was greater then himself''......and she was more detailed in her message, and this ''detailed'' thing i got from Ramtha, he said: ''when someone is telling something about thruth it would be easy to be detailed, the story must be detailed'' and i remember that in that moment.
And i became very interesting then in what she was saying and went on the website to hear and read more. i think that day i watched and read allot of the information presented that were coming through. And from that day onward i just knew it.
"this is and was, what i was missing in all my searchings, Desteni had the answer that was missing in life for me.''
It was profound, yet strange and then again it made sense a lot of sense.
So that is how i got introduced to desteni, and here i am now, to take it all the way, now it is time to live and apply.

Why i stand with and for an equal money system and world equality:

As what is now happening and as what has always been happening since the advance of money as a commodity/tool in this world things has started becoming more and more stressfull and more and more people have been inslaved to this system, where we believe that we actually need and/or are dependent on an outside source of sorts to make it possible for us to live, and within all this mess, we created for ourselves and others and all lifeforms due to the influences related to this system, a abuse against life itself. This is going on as of right now and is expanding taking over and destroying all forms of life that is in it's path, without considering at all, that all that is here is here because of this life, the one thing we all have in common no matter what form we may have. And therefore i stand for and with an equal money system to eradicate what is now in place forever more, and when that is done we can trully start living for real,where life itself is being honored, because we are expressing ourselves as a being that is of life as life. Then we can look into each others eyes and see life, instead of fear and judgments and differences. So equality has it's place now, because we see each other as equals and no more can we not trust one another as ourselves.

What i understand to be ''heaven on earth''

Heaven on earth to me is when we all can live together and explore together, express together, trust together, invent together, create together, expand on our manifested life expression as a form, to make our living experience here together as one that is all what life have to offer as a real expression no matter what form we as life may be having in this reality we call earth. Where our created abilities are honored through all, because it is we who are creating us,where we have real fun in creating ourselves and in this we are all life-aware beings.

The ten videos i liked the most/had most impact on me:

1) ... odVIUDKMjY The compassion of the light, by Bernard Poolman.
2) Return to innocence part 2, by Adolf Hitler
3) Oneness, by Lao Tzu
4) Why evil prevails, by Prabhupada
5) Assencion in 2012 and the future of the world, by Anu video number 8
6) Exposing sugar, by Osho.
7) The state of the world adress, by Bernard Poolman.
8) Explaining the interdimensional portal, by Lilly
9) God, by the design of god.
10) Annunaki, serpents, sirians planned to be gods before the dinosaurs are, by Jack.

Thank you,

Larry Manuela

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